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Acer Predator 24" 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor [GN246HL] £129.99 Delivered @ Box
20/01/2019Expires on 20/01/2019Found 14 h, 57 m agoFound 14 h, 57 m ago
Dropped again, this time at Box for £129.99. It is a TN panel, so as you'd expect it has a low response time at 1ms. It's 144hz model, which I wholeheartedly recommend if you have … Read more

It's a terrible monitor at any price. The presence of PWM alone is enough of a reason to completely discard this monitor.


To be fair, you really haven't owned anything else to know better.


I own this monitor and 2 others of the same model just with 60 hz and there is absolutely no problem with it and would recommend it at this price.


There are better alternatives around £200 price point. Do not cheap out on your eyes, eyesight is the most valuable sense humans poses, and is the easiest to lose.


If you'd like something that looks good and 144Hz, then I'd suggest you look for deals on Samsung VA panels. I got this monitor new from eBuyer on a deal for £180. To be honest though, you just can't spend that much money on a 1070Ti and not be prepared to spend the money for a monitor that can justify its performance. £175 is really hard to get any worthwhile 144Hz monitor unless you find a really good deal, perhaps like I did. Edit: That said, there's this monitor for £213 with a VA panel if you can stretch a bit. I don't know much about the monitor itself, however.

MSI AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB ARMOR 8G OC £209.99 @ Box
Found 16 h, 7 m agoFound 16 h, 7 m ago
Ok, so this deal was originally for £200 now it's been increased by £10. I amended the previous post I made for that but whoever moderates decided to set the deal to expired. If th… Read more

That's what I bought, got it for £181 from Amazon for the 8GB special edition. Its a fantastic little card for 1080p.


Not worth paying £200+ for a RX580 unless its the sapphire 8gb nitro+ special edition.


I'm finding the humour in it, I'm commenting on that, not the imaginary internet points from randoms. Some may go chasing heat. Me? I happened to find the deal a month ago when looking for another card, I posted it here and now when I noticed the price had changed I felt honoured to fix the information I gave. The fact it's bombed when the other didn't is the funny thing. The deal itself? Meh... I went for a 4Gb Nitro+ a month ago!


Just saying but I think if you weren't bothered you wouldn't of posted a follow up comment, people on here see a product one day for 10 quid more and their instant reaction is "well that was 10 pound cheaper yesterday"


Not that I'm bothered by the heat/cold applied here but I am finding some mirth in that at £199 the card was +180' and a tenner more it's currently running at -15' That tenner must me real important! XD

HONOR 10 LITE Midnight Black/Blue/Sap.Blue 3gb/64GB Smartphone for £189 Delivered @ Box
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
KEY FEATURES 6.21" FHD display Dual SIM AI selfies 3D curve screen 24MP front camera 13MP + 2MP dual rear cameras 3GB RAM Kiri 710 processor Fingerpint sensor 3400 mAh b… Read more

£199 now


Indeed, I have the P Smart, incredible value.


for under 200 notes theyre both great value though... Thats absolutely correct, its wireless n standard only, not a deal breaker for me but for a lot i think it would be, the 10 lite is the same but has a better camera i think?


P. Smart connects to 5ghz but yeah the camera is not as good according to the specs.


Thats absolutely correct, its wireless b/g/ n standard only, not a deal breaker for me but for a lot i think it would be, the P Smart 2019 is the same but has a worse spec camera i think?

Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
KEY FEATURES 27" Display TN Panel 2560x1440 Resolution FreeSync 1ms Response Time 144Hz Refresh Rate DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort Connectivity Built-in Speakers Height Adjustable … Read more
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TMidd Currently £319.99 at CCL


Keep an eye on the price mate. This was £40 cheaper the day before ( and had been for a while sorry :( ). It might drop again soon and you can get them to refund you some. Or have a pic and see if they'll be kind and honour you a cheeky discount. I've had my eye on it also. (strong)


I suspect Nvidias “standards” are unnecessarily high to protect their partners who have stocks of G-sync monitors. Probably best to listen to reviews etc on YouTube or Reddit etc before buying a Freesync for an Nvidia card that is not certified. I do suspect the majority of monitors will be absolutely fine, but the G-sync spec was quite stringent on refresh rates.




It's going to take a while for a substantial gsync compatibility list to be created. Worth waiting if you've got a team green card.

Intel Core i5-8400 2.80GHz (Coffee Lake) Hex Core Processor £190 Delivered @
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
On offer over at box and the cheapest that I could see currently in the market. Socket 1151 Retail Boxed 9MB Cache Only Supported in 3 Series Motherboards BX80684I58400

This is probably the best processor for gaming that you can get for the money - heat added


Exactly. My 2500k is still worth £115 apparently!


Why does this cost so much seen as though 9th gen has been out for a while now? I remember this being as low as £145 and that was a while back so surely they should be cheaper. Or is this a case where supply is becoming shorter but the demand is high


I got one, it runs at 3.8ghz out the box on all 6 cores on a h370 motherboard and stock cooler at less the 46 degrees! Great step-up from my 4670k.


£190 for locked, 2.8Ghz, none hyper threaded CPU seems mental.

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G CPU with Wraith Stealth Cooler and RX Vega Graphics, £139.99 at Box (the Division 2 game FREE )
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Free Delivery by 18th January Socket AM4 Base Speed 3.6 Ghz | Max Speed 3.9 GHz Quad Core (8 Threads) Radeon™ Vega 11 Graphics Power Usage 65W (TDP) Heatsink & Fan Incl… Read more

Effectively no. But if it's Linux, can you not just run it headless? Most distros have the capability for that. Worst case, can you not just use a USB to VGA adapter? Something like ? I've not tried that specific adapter, but at a tenner it's dirt cheap.


Does a AM4 mobo have ANY graphics capability without a graphics card and a non-G Ryzen ? I need decent processing with only command line linux video output. Looking for the cheapest way to do this and getting max value out of a CPU.


I agree. The irony is, would a potential buyer building a budget rig with this CPU fitted be able to run The Division 2 'comfortably'. From what I remember the original game was quite resource hungry. I may be wrong though :/


LOL, I was naive and assumed higher numbers where faster! Silly me!


The 1500x is the better cpu, about 10%. When paired with a discrete graphics card it will play games better than the 2400g, but not by much. I think Smithers was pointing out the 2400g can play games ok without needing a graphics card

Flashforge Finder 3D Printer £249.99 Delivered at Box
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Seems like a brilliant price drop for this desktop ready single extruder 3D printer. Would make for a perfect first printer, as reviews seem to suggest even I could use it, which i… Read more



Received earlier today, absolutely fantastic so far. I'm having great fun printing out a few bits and bobs. Once I've understood the basics I'd like to build some functional items. The plastic seems rather strong, to be honest I wasn't expecting much but this has blown away that idea


I have this 3D printer brilliant results thoroughly recommend it!


Ender 3 setup took about an hour and don't get me wrong I did like the finder. But you'll soon outgrow it. I bought my finder refurbed on eBay for £170 through eBay direct from flashforge. If your bed isn't level you can easily add a sheet of glass. Creality sell one if you don't want to get glass cut. My bed was level enough that I didn't experience problems. I will say the finder has some good features that the ender doesn't, removable print bed, better extruder design, WiFi built in and some nice software, by it really is limited by its small build volume.


How long did it take you to set up? This is supposedly plug and play in comparison, as well as being enclosed. I avoided the Ender 3 because there were so many reviews describing the 3 hour set up process and bed levelling issues, but keen to know how you got on.

Acer CB281HK 28" 4K FreeSync Gaming Monitor, £249.98 at Box
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Free Delivery by 16th January

I’ll wait to see, but glad you’re sure it’ll be fine, despite there being absolutely no info one way or the other.


Every time I see these Acer monitors with white background and green text I instinctively associate them with Asda smart price.


A nice model, but I'd have taken a lower res for a higher refresh rate.


It's marketing BS, you can enable it regardless of their "quality standards" and I'm sure they'll more than work out fine. Just upgraded my rig a few weeks ago and I too shall be taking the plunge


Only a few are officially qualified (as in make their "grade") You will be able to enable it on any freesync supporting monitor.




Yeah, cuz as an example I've given a link to a microwave oven, not a laptop with nearly identical price & specs. You go get em' man! Competition of items never brings any good!


You can probably get a different item, with different specifications for a different price. I thought this was worth pointing out


My bad, this is actually pretty nice deal; I just had this Dell G5 in mind which was at almost identical price quite a few times in the past. Battery life also few hours longer


Can you post a link please, as prefer to get the 6gb version if almost the same. Ta

Lenovo IdeaPad 520s, Core i3-7100U, 14" Full HD IPS IPS AntiGlare Screen, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB M.2 SSD £399.97 @
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Hear me out on this one! Many will see the spec and price and think this is not a deal, and I hesitated before buying, and again before posting. But I now have it and I think it is… Read more
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If go OOS, do try Lenovo direct which currently has stock of same item at same price.


3 in stock for delivery I have this and would agree with OP. Tis good



Acer XF250Q  25 inch 240hz gaming monitor £228.67
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Saw this earlier and for a 240hz 1ms monitor thought it was a pretty good deal seeing as most 240hz screens are £300 upwards. Same prices on some other sites but most are sold out.

I don’t play on a 4K monitor myself but it all depends what your use is to be honest, I mean you’ll defo see a better picture on a 4K no matter the size but as far as it goes for gaming I believe that there isn’t many 4K monitors that will support a higher refresh rate then 60hz which is what you will be desiring more IF your gaming but then again they are £400+. And on top of that it’s about weighing up the 4K screen against how much 4K content you’ve got or will be using. Hope this helps :)


Can I ask is it worth spending more on a quad or a 4K monitor since I don't intend to buy another monitor anytime soon after the upgrade? Is there any noticeable diff on such a small screen for a FHD and a 4K display watching those Blu rays movies? Thanks....


I think most retailers have already had a clear out of those monitors as most are still showing out of stock from when they had them on offer couple of months back. Still checking Amazon Germany,Italy France and Spain everyday though


Unfortunately for me, I have a 980ti and the freesync via driver only works with 10 series and above. So I’d rather grab a Vega 64 or see what Navi or Vega 2 brings to the table. No rush yet as my 980ti is still smashing 1080p. Just want more frames now I have the 240hz (horror)


Well hopefully after CES and announcement of new stuff they might start doing some reductions on older products. There’s always hope my friend! (embarrassed)

MSI Prestige Laptop - i5 7200U / 1050 / 4GB RAM / W10 Pro / Full HD £529.99 @ Box - See OP For i7 / 8GB Model
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Nice looking laptop that will also provide some gaming. It's not full of RGB and all that jazz, but does have keyboard backlighting. Quite slick looking machine overall. There's an… Read more



Yeah, I got a 7577 with i5 7300HQ, 8GB, SSD and 1050 4gb for £570 on there a while back.


The 4gb of ram is pointless. Need minimum 8gb. This machine is outdated before you have bought it. Low ram, low hardrive, weak cpu etc etc. Tech moving way to quickly so you need to be ahead of the game if you can afford it.


To be fair one is a desktop processor at a higher wattage than the 15watts the laptop can only give. If you want a desktop processor, get a desktop processor!


Cold and heres why, 128GB just aint gonna cut it in todays age. 32gb for the OS and all updates then caching install a few programs and 1 50GB game and your done! pointless but if it were lets say at least 512 id be all over it.

MSI OPTIX MPG27CQ - £397.99 @ Box
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
KEY FEATURES 27" Display VA Panel QHD Resolution 2560x1440 FreeSync 1ms Response Time 144Hz Refresh Rate Curved DisplayPort/HDMI x2 Connectivity Height Adjustable Headpho… Read more
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I've just got one of these for a gtx1070 , having a terrible time getting it to work via the displayport


I have two of the 24" versions of this screens, smokes all my previous screens, love the deep colours on the VA panel, much more vibrant than my IPS panels, ideal for gaming rather than professional photography work.


this is a lot better colours then my QD has really good colours this not better thena ips but still really good


You prefer this over the QD Samsung monitor? I am considering purchasing this monitor but i'm afraid the colours wont be as vibrant as they are on the QLED display.


Is it really? Your not supposed to use HDR, only set it as an option when its available in a game. Thats what ive found works the best. Yes windows looks crap in HDR. As for game development, i thought Assassins Creed Oddyssey was magnificant in HDR mode, it completely changed the look of the game, with 4k and hdr the game world just came alive and everything just looked so much sexier.

Acer Nitro VG270 27" Full HD IPS Freesync / 75hz Gaming Monitor £143.99 @ Box [3 years warranty]
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Another option for those wanting a 1080p monitor, this time with an IPS panel and a 1ms response time. Also has Freesync and a 75Hz refresh rate. Looking at the price history this … Read more

I have 3 dell monitors, all of them overclock to 80hz with HDMI, mDP and DP. Im sure a 1440p version for the same price will overclock as mine work.


Love the look of this but think I’ll hold out for a 1440p. Other than that I would have had it. Have some heat (y)


good price for all specs, heat added


good price i know its 1080 but i think it worth the money

MSI AMD RADEON RX 570 8GB ARMOR OC GRAPHICS CARD, £149.99 at Box ( 2 free games)
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Free Delivery by 14th January

"Better deal" if you have or don't want the free games. This is a corker if you want the games.


Been tempted by this myself but holding out for a good deal on 1060 6GB looks like a better deal at face value but if I'm honest I've not looked too closely in case I lose the will to resist and buy it now.


Expensive old game this PC gaming lark! Hope my lad doesn't spot this!! ;(

NZXT H400i Micro ATX Gaming Case + NZXT E500 Psu Bundles [Various Colours] £149.99 @ Box
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Dropped even further by another £30 today. RRP on this is pretty expensive as I am sure most of you will agree. But at a tickle under £150, I reckon it's a nice bundle for a MATX b… Read more

What is simple about PSUs being built that conform to resolve the issues you mentioned previously. The last 3 cases I used in personal PCs had filters on the base. You can stick to your beliefs. Maybe the sky isn’t blue and the world is flat where you come from. Im now going to keep my sanity and say good bye.


here is a quote from the Silverstone website which neatly summarises without any technical detail what i have been trying to say.. "While placing the power supply on the bottom of the chassis is the most common design to ensure power supply can draw cool air from outside of the chassis, it is not the only way. The best air cooling chassis in ATX and Micro-ATX formats are SilverStone’s Fortress FT02 and Temjin TJ08-E respectively, and they both have the power supply located toward the top of the chassis." it does fail to cover the topic of some base mounted psus which i consider to be the most ludicrous, that of drawing air in from underneath a computer where the dust will surely gather very thick in that limited space, but hey we all move our PCs to clean under them every few days, don't we? :D


why are simple things confusing you? you are beginning to look really silly here..


You must be working on old tech. My Corsair RM750i, that is call modern is designed to sit fan down. All text on it is orientated that way. The PCB is on the top side of the unit. If and when the fan spins up the air flows out the rear of the supply. Never impacting the case airflow or introducing dust. Any dust that gets past the filter into the PSU will ‘fall’ off the two sensitive components. As for larger fans, they are so that can provide a greater airflow per revolution. Resulting in less noise. It looks like everything you are applying to PSU location is based on poor spec or old PSUs. Lo and behold, my Corsair HX1000i has the PCB to the top, as does my EVGA 1000W GQ. So from a sample of 3, they are all designed correctly to vent and prevent dust. Oh this also reduces your twin airflow theory.


Seriously? at this point i fear you have been in too few PCs to hold any serious discussion on this subject.. I have not diverged from anything, again you seem to be placing restrictions where it suits you, my posts are focussed on "disadvantages of one design over another" this can include airflow, dust distribution (which will severely impact thermal conductivity) and other factors. You may be trying to limit this discussion to airflow but even then this fails with no evidence to show "superiority" of air flow performance, air flow efficiency or other air flow related topic. facts remain 1. most modern psus have one large internal facing fan originally designed to provide an adequate level of cooling vs noise when mounted at the top of the case with the fan facing down. 2. bottom mounted psus of this design will remove cold air from the case allowing an increase in warm air at higher levels where the fans present there will need to be larger or work harder to remove. 3.most modern psus have their pcb mounted directly behind this fan, placing the psu upside down will most certainly not only increase dust settling on temperature sensitive components but remove the gravity effect allowing dust to fall away when the fan is not operating. there are other factors especially concerning creating central deadspots of warm air between the two streams of airflow created by twin paths for air removal vs one single air intake path but the major points should be enough to make the difference.

Acer 27" Full HD VA Panel Monitor [2 Year Warranty] - DVI/HDMI/VGA - £109.99 Delivered / Acer 21.5" Monitor £69.99 @ Box
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Not a bad price at all for this model. It's a full HD VA panel at 60Hz. With DVI, HDMI and VGA inputs. If you want a bigger screen but perhaps don't have the hardware to drive game… Read more

Got this for under £70 last year on a bt shop glitch, it is a decent monitor for the money.


Can I use this with a Sky Q mini box? Assume I’ll need speakers?


Yes, exactly... for the price, which is what I said! :p


Haha yes 37% I used a calculator too (lol) . I wouldn't call it slow, it's perfectly fine for the price.


A little under 37% if we want to start splitting hairs, but I was just demonstrating a similarly priced monitor with a much faster response time, as requested. I'm not disputing that this is a great price for this monitor. Like I said in my original comment, it's a great deal for the money, despite a fairly slow response time.