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BOX, 10GB of free Cloud Storage for life, at
Found 14th Apr 2017Found 14th Apr 2017
BOX, 10GB of free Cloud Storage for life, at
BOX, 10GB of free Cloud Storage for life, at Free Cloud Storage to store all your media in, be they your picture's and/or video's, and/or your data/files in general. :-) … Read more

I hear that, lol. Thanx for the positive feedback. :-)


10Gb free is still double what Apple give you for spending money on their kit, so Plus from me.


Don't forget Box free has a 250MB file size upload limit and it has a bandwidth limit of 10GB worth of shared files a month.


Looking at 100gb from google for 2 quid a month, dont know if theres any better for the money for cloud..?


Freebie link again:

Free 50GB space with new Box iPhone and iPad app
Found 15th Jan 2014Found 15th Jan 2014
Free 50GB space with new Box iPhone and iPad app
"We couldn’t be more excited to announce that today we are releasing our brand new, completely rebuilt Box for iPhone® and iPad® app. And to commemorate this, we are offering 50GB … Read more

Although already having 50Gb from one of their previous offers, the thing that has kept me from using Box regularly is the upload limit along with SkyDrive for that matter. Dropbox works better for my needs without that upload restriction.


Nice deal. Any LG Android device owners (e.g. Nexus 4, 5), you can still get 50GB free to by signing in on the Android App on your device.


3 x very old hotmail accounts which got given 50gb skydrive storage each by default when it launched. Dropbox got 50gb with samsung s3 and then mega and box which are free. Skydrive would be excellent if it was secure!


it's free 50gb to Sony mobile users too


Great deal. I already had Box on my iPhone, but when it updated and app was opened it automatically applied the 50GB and confirm email sent. This beats the DropBox deal for Samsung device owners!

Free 50gb of cloud storage for Nexus 4 owners @ box
Found 10th Sep 2013Found 10th Sep 2013
Free 50gb of cloud storage for Nexus 4 owners @ box
Calling all Nexus 4 owners. Sign up to 'Box' cloud storage and get upgraded from 10gb of free storage to 50gb. I registered online and once I had download the app and signed in to … Read more
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Hadn't seen this before, many thanks. This is on until next year


box only allow 300mb upload file-size :(


you need to login every 90 days to keep files on alive or they will be deleted.


You get free 100GB from, and a single file-size limit of 10gb!!! Can't beat this!


Yup, this has been an offer for ages now and posted before more than once. I guess it's helpful for those who may have not known about this and missed seeing the other threads or news stories, but don't be surprised if this ends up getting spammed by someone OP. Sony Xperia devices get (got?) the same too. Got 50GB with my N4 and 50GB with my Xperia S before that. I don't use it (still prefer Dropbox and Wuala) but it's handy to have in case. You can also switch between multiple accounts now on Box on the Android app.

50GB of storage online free @BOX
Found 31st Aug 2013Found 31st Aug 2013
50GB of storage online free @BOX
free 50GB of storage at box when you sign up no fee also app for moblie Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Get 100gb free here.....


There was a 50GB offer back in Feb. I can only see 10GB for free now.


where does it say 50GB ? I only see 10GB for free

25GB or up to 50GB Free Cloud Storage at for HP Windows 8 Box App Users
Found 26th Aug 2013Found 26th Aug 2013
25GB or up to 50GB Free Cloud Storage at for HP Windows 8 Box App Users
Anyone that logs in or signs up for an account from the Box for Windows 8 app on any HP Win 8 laptop, desktop, or tablet will receive free lifetime storage upgrades plus Box Sync. … Read more

heat added for highlighting the various reminders - i found that box kept inviting me to give 50gb to a co-worker; as I have my own domain I simply invented coworker e-mail addresses; think i got bored at about 1000gb of storage in total.


thank heat up.


Bit confused - the app is available here through the Windows Store.


from the FAQ "Any HP device running Windows 8 that can download Box for Windows 8 from the Windows store qualifies for the promotion." App is no longer available


Don't forget other deals... * 10GB free for life for anyone (as part of a BlackBerry promotion - but no need to own one) - * 50gb free for life for LG Android device owners, including the Nexus 4 * 50gb free for life for Sony Xperia Android owners * 25gb free for life for Dell Windows 8 App Users -

10gb free cloud storage at
Found 26th Aug 2013Found 26th Aug 2013
10gb free cloud storage at
Part of a BlackBerry promotion, but anyone can sign up from any device to get 10gb free storage for life with instead of the usual 5gb. Note they have a 250mb file size l… Read more

Might get this as a double back up to Dropbox


Any reasons on the cold votes here? (Genuinely interested).


This has just worked for me, got full 50gb with my Xperia. I now have 50gb with all devices I use, excellent. Link to original sony deal post


10 grambits.


There was a Dell promo for 50gb free for life that anyone could sign up to online (past deal here), similar to this BlackBerry one.

50GB Free Cloud Storage for 1yr if you own an LG Android Device (Inc. Google Nexus 4 & 5)
Found 14th May 2013Found 14th May 2013
50GB Free Cloud Storage for 1yr if you own an LG Android Device (Inc. Google Nexus 4 & 5)
EDIT - 09/06 - note - looks like LG have changed the terms of the promo... Any new Box user will receive a free 50GB account for 1 year when they download and log into Box for And… Read more

I've updated the main post. Actually looks like LG have changed the terms of the promo so the storage is now only valid for 1yr - shame! However, offer valid to apply for now up to 31/03/2016. EDIT - 09/06 - note - looks like LG have changed the terms of the promo... Any new Box user will receive a free 50GB account for 1 year when they download and log into Box for Android on any LG G-series device. Existing Box users will receive the upgrade for 1 year when they log into Box for Android on their G-series device. The offer is valid through 3/31/16. Users who have already redeemed a 50GB offer will not receive additional storage.


Just found this too - looks great. When you say valid till 30/09/14 do you mean the chance to sign up or the 50GB?


Good stuff - yeah, it's valid until 30/09/2014. You'll find you can sign up multiple accounts through the one device too 8)


Just found out about this, downloaded the Box app on my Nexus 5 - installed. Signed up - Confirmed email address. Account showing as 50GB - cheers!


I'd personally feel 'safer' with Box, but good to know of another option, thanks.

50GB of Free for Life cloud storage!  - from Box
Found 9th Feb 2013Found 9th Feb 2013
50GB of Free for Life cloud storage! - from Box
Saw a deal on here for 25GB free storage on Box and was wondering why it was so low. Here is a link for 50GB free cloud storage. It's sponsored by Dell but there seems to be no res… Read more

For anyone who missed out - 50GB of free still available for LG Android device owners - It's for life also and can of course be used anywhere once you've signed in/logged into the App on your LG Android device, such as a Google Nexus 4.


just went to sign up and it is now only offering 5Gb even before you put your e-mail address in although the upgrade to 50Gb is 15 quid


Doesn't seem to work for me.:(


uninstalled again as my PC just couldnt handle box sync constantly consuming 60-95% of CPU and up to 1GB of memory! oO


installed auto sync yesterday and its uploaded 80MB in 6 hours today! Gonna take around 3 months to upload 20GB lol

25GB of cloud storage - FREE - with
LocalLocalFound 6th Feb 2013Found 6th Feb 2013
25GB of cloud storage - FREE - with
As title - all you do is register via the link with your email address and password, then click a verification email to activate and VOILA!!! There you have it, 25GB of cloud stora… Read more
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You can still get 50GB free with if you can sign up or in on an LG Android device like the Nexus 4 -


You can prove it yourself by signing up.


Prove it. Because when I signed up to them, it was not allowed. So I'm asking for proof.


250mb limit


I went to do this, but then realised I already had a login and found that I have 50gb! Must have followed a link when box just started!(_;) 50GB free cloud storage for life Nexus 4 owners
Found 30th Jan 2013Found 30th Jan 2013 50GB free cloud storage for life Nexus 4 owners
Sign up to using the play store app on your nexus device and get 50GB free online storage. Have set it up myself. Mapped a drive on my PC as well as a network share using … Read more

Got my 50GB as a new account holder signing up via my Nexus 4. HEAT :)


If you already have 50GB from an earlier promotion (like I do) then it won't add 50GB on unfortunatly. It just stays at 50.




Thanks, most of these are a com and say 50gb (for a limited time)


Normally free Box Personal accounts have a 25MB upload limit, but we’re bumping it up to 100MB for this promotion in order to help you get the most out of your 50GB of storage. With a 100MB upload limit, you’ll be able to easily save pictures, presentations, audio files and documents to the cloud. If I could get it this would be a deal breaker for me not voting either way

Free 15gb Online Storage account android
Found 20th Jan 2013Found 20th Jan 2013
Free 15gb Online Storage account android
To get 15gb free online storage just download Astro file manager from the play store, then once you open it you'll be offered 15gb free online storage, signup to and bingo … Read more

Wow thats super helpful, thank you for contributing your vast knowledge to the forum, i'll just jump in my time machine and get the 50gb from a few weeks ago


Now that is helpful, unlike.... Still needs a rooted device, so 15gb technically X) still the best option for (non rooted,non lg or xperia devices)extra space, if you already had 50gb do you get 65gb?


Thanks for sharing the link.


:{ ok take this -


you may have only been on this forum 1 month longer than me, but you could atleast have realised that people on here dont like unhelpful comments. now do one. "there are links..... " if you aint got one ,shut up.

FREE 50GB Space @
Found 15th Dec 2012Found 15th Dec 2012
FREE 50GB Space @
1. Download Box and install on your Android device. 2. Use Root Explorer (or something like that) to edit the file build.prop in system folder (root/system): edit these two lines … Read more

Not too sure why this is still unexpired. You might as well post the different methods of getting free Wii games etc.


showing 5gb


anyone got this working on a tab 2?


yes rooted tmobile rapport


Not happening for me, just getting 5 gig

25 GB Free online storage with Box
Found 8th Sep 2012Found 8th Sep 2012
25 GB Free online storage with Box
25 GB Free online storage with Box. like cloud. check the link out, free signup and account.

Very rightly said. Box does offer 25Gb free storage and it is something that one could easily avail without any painstaking process. Not only Box, you can explore several other options with large storage space(s). Say for example, Dropbox (2GB-Upgradable to 25GB, free) and MediaFire with 50GB. Source:


no, it constantly consumes 10-20% of CPU! I turn it on and run it once a month to sync my folders then switch it off again.


I have until the end of the year. Im sure I will track someone down with one :) Is the desktop upload software any good in comparison to drop box?


surely you know someone who does, download app, login, delete app, bonus 25gb :)


Its a shame, I dont have any of those devices to log in from :( 25 GB Online Cloud Storage Free For Life
Found 5th Aug 2012Found 5th Aug 2012 25 GB Online Cloud Storage Free For Life
Just found this via this site: We all know about DropBox for free online file storage and sharing. But there are many other companies out there offe… Read more

how come? autosync constantly consumes 15-20% of cpu! oO dropbox doesnt consume any


Box are far better than dropbox. Use Gladinet to install as a drive on your pc.


Thanks OP just signed up for four accounts, may come in handy sometime in the future :)


beware of the auto sync consuming CPU. Checked my system and box autosync was constantly consuming 10-30% of my CPU and it wasnt even syncing anything. A major overhead to any system!


Nice to know, thanks csiman! :-)

Free 50GB Lifetime Cloud Storage at for some LG, Sony, HP & RIM customers
Found 25th Apr 2012Found 25th Apr 2012
Free 50GB Lifetime Cloud Storage at for some LG, Sony, HP & RIM customers
Hi all, I know the 50GB Free promotion just ended for Android users (and I just missed out myself :-/ ), but looking at the FAQ for this promotion I spotted it's still ava… Read more
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Just used for my new nexus 4




problem with the free box is the max file size is pittifully small


Can get it on all android phones. I downloaded an app a few month ago on my S2 which increased the size to 50GB. (the link is dead now but with a bit of search you can find it)


Have been using Box for months at 50Gb for free from original HP touchpad deal, great product :-) . but check out this review from Guardian yesterday where Box comes out at most expensive in comparison table(??), so grab these deals when you can !!

Free 50GB upgrade for accounts
Found 13th Mar 2012Found 13th Mar 2012
Free 50GB upgrade for accounts
Download the app for your Android Phone and receive a 50GB upgrade for your Box account! You can, of course, sign up for an account if you don't have one already. Note th… Read more

Already posted


Thanks for the headsup Sworld, I just received 50GB upgrade too, excellent offer :) Thanks again


Downloaded the app, registered in about 30 seconds, received the message 'you have been given 50Gb of cloud storage for life'. App looks very well put together too; loads quick, fluid UI. Great deal, voted hot.

50 gig free cloud storage for Android users @ Box
Found 23rd Feb 2012Found 23rd Feb 2012
50 gig free cloud storage for Android users @ Box
Free 50 gigabyte forever upgrade if you sign up to Box before March 23rd.
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Yup i should of ah well np now :) scooter


Thanks for the link Uridium.


It's fine...I never turned off any AV or firewalls. You can also actually download it direct from the website.


should have read the comments on page 1(especially #11) as its already mentioned, would have saved you posting this and the moment of panic ;)


Does anyone know much about this app? Is it trustworthy? I see phrases like: The application doesn’t seem working. and You need temporarily to turn off antivirus or lowdown your protection level in order to install the software. At the bottom of the page: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WOLDWIDE Would this be Stow-on-the-Wold?

Free WebDAV Access for iWork on iOS Devices!
Found 20th Feb 2012Found 20th Feb 2012
Free WebDAV Access for iWork on iOS Devices!
Short Note: WebDAV Allows read and writing to online storage sites like Dropbox and You will need a FREE or PAID Account! Now with the likes of DropDAV going sub… Read more
50GB Free internet storage to CERTAIN DEVICES @ Box
Found 30th Jan 2012Found 30th Jan 2012
50GB Free internet storage to CERTAIN DEVICES @ Box
If you hold any of the following devices: RIM PlayBook: Now through 12/31/11, download Box for PlayBook on your tablet and sign in to get your upgrade automatically. LG Android pho… Read more
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Just got this on my S3 :D Using DropBox now instead of Google Plus since Google resize images to 2048


I have just downloaded it to Samsung galaxy S2 and have got the confirmation that I have 50gb for life


Just tried this on my T-Mobile Pulse and it works! Well pleased :-)


I want to vote COLD because Samsung devices not being welcome! I wont vote though.


I have not voted cold (or hot). I have a Touchpad and received the 50GB some months ago. It is useful, but not that good. I found A Drive to be better. Neither sync for free but I found when dragging folders to A Drive it was much more likely than Box for the folder to upload without a problem. Often Box only part uploaded a folder and then stopped for all sorts of reasons. However, the Box app is good. Once you have stuff uploaded it is simple to but files on your device. FREE 50GB account for Xperia owners (or Rooted androids)
Found 16th Dec 2011Found 16th Dec 2011 FREE 50GB account for Xperia owners (or Rooted androids)
For a limited time you can get a free 50GB account with As an Xperia owner you simply need to download the application from the market (search box) and create an account… Read more

sorry, just seen this Please delete.


[GUIDE] Get 50GB storage with y and andevice (50GB only until 'til Dec 31st) Get 50GB storage with y and andevice


Please note the below is what I found to work on my Nexus so others may find different ways. For root users: Download ES File Explorer. Open the app and go into settings and tick both the 'Root Explorer' and 'Mount File System' boxes. Go back and you will likely to defaulted to /sdcard/... press on the 'Star' and choose 'Phone'. Now open 'System's and long click on 'build.prop'.. Oper As Text and choose 'File Editor'. You want to change the settings to the following: ro.product.model=VS910 4G ro.product.manufacturer=LGE Click back and 'save'.. now go back in and make sure that the changes have been applied before rebooting your phone. (I do recall changing file permissions within settings but for the life of me I cannot find it.. if it is not working for you then this is the issue) Here is the actual guide >>