Boxed Russian standard  70cl co-op in store £13

Boxed Russian standard 70cl co-op in store £13

Found 16th Dec 2014
Boxed Russian standard 70cl co-op in store £13
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Which store please?
Found in Honley, huddersfield. However I guess it would be national.
this is the 70cl bottle at £13.

litres of spirits are £19 in co-op but I don' think they sell Russian Stamdard in 1l size

1l at £13 isn't doable - the duty on 1l 40% abv is £11.29, Vat on £13 is £2.17 so VAT and duty would be £13.46 - so at £13 would be a stonking deal - but would get the Co-op into all sorts of bother for below cost selling as laid out by the govt as cost of duty + vat.
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This is defo the 70cl bottle.

It's 70cl the deal is on there website !
Sorry it was 5:45 in the morning. Looked like a litre in the box.
nearly had me running to the co_op would been very
very upset to find out only 70cl bottle.
need to amend that title! icy cold from me
voted hoy then read the comments. not hot for 70cl!
undeserved heat here. You claimed a litre which is why it got hot. Not to worry though.
£15 for 1 litre in Sainsbury's
In fairness it's still not a bad price for 70cl in a box - looks better for Christmas gifts etc! Heat from me.
Sorry I don't know how to edit title on my phone,
Sorry for any inconvenience caused
Everyone makes mistakes still hot from me
£15 a litre at sainsburys
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