Boxes of 20/25 High5 energy gels £3.95 ex P&P (£6.99) from Canyon online

Boxes of 20/25 High5 energy gels £3.95 ex P&P (£6.99) from Canyon online

Found 8th Feb 2017
Good price for these, even just buying a box and paying the £6.99 delivery works out about cheaper than Wiggle. Buy two or more and you're quids in. Just bought enough to see me through the year!

Both normal and caffeine gels in stock, various flavours.

EDIT: Loads of other great deals on there too. Mavic Ksyrium Pro II Shoes for £58
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5 Comments…els £5 so 2 boxes are £10 also 10 discount if you are a British Cycling member & 3% TCB
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nice i was after some gels as almost out but thought i would wait for a trusty hduk deal to turn up :P This seems crazy cheap do you think its likely there are close to use by date? anyone got any before? i would have thought they would have to state it if so! just tempted to buy in bulk while they are going cheap
Spotted this earlier great deals on canyon, still not sure how canyon deals appear on hukd, as it's a German website and company

The isogels are really good value
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Made an order but had no confirmation email and no log in details online either to check status.
Mine came today, should last me a while cheers op
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