Boys 16" Boys Townsend Venom Bike £76.20 @ Asda

Boys 16" Boys Townsend Venom Bike £76.20 @ Asda

Found 14th Sep 2010
Just ordered this to put away for XMAS, cheapest I could find, next cheapest in stock was Marshall Ward @ £109.


I'd rather pay a similar price for a rigid bike: steel-framed, full-suspension bikes are cheap n nasty. The suspension has no purpose whatsoever (except to add weight to the bike and to absorb energy making you bounce up n down as you pedal).

Agree with above, dont waste money on the full suspension when its not needed especially that its cheap parts.

Get a rigid for the same money and a better brand if possible.

You really have to get alloy frames.
The weight of the bike for kids makes all the difference
Ridgeback MX16
Barracuda GX16
Both fantastic alternatives available here…tml


FFS, this is for a child to play outside the house or take to the local park, not to climb snowdon with

posted a similar deal for a magna girls bike and was worried after some of the comments about weight/frame etc. Totally agree with slamdunkin in that it depends on the use of the bike, my daughter rides it up and down the street and totally loves it and all the kids in the street think it's great!

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exactly, my 4 year old will love this and the money saved on this over the other two mentioned means extra presents for him to open come chrismas morning.

Ok it hasnt got an alloy frame, but its not stopped him in the past on his previous bike and he certainly won't be doing any coast 2 coast on it at the end of the day, its something he will ride up and down the street on and go no futher.
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