Boys Colouring and Sticker Book only £1.99 @ ChoicesUK (min spend £2.50)

Boys Colouring and Sticker Book only £1.99 @ ChoicesUK (min spend £2.50)

Found 23rd Feb 2012
I've been looking for some good sticker books for holiday trips and Usbourne have always been tops. I spotted a Boys Colouring and Sticker book RRP £7.99 (sold at Amazon for £4.71) for only £1.99.

This book has 48 pages and over 200 stickers. Enough to keep the kids busy. My boys love books like these as they can use them afterwards to either read or and re-stick the stickers. This book has 3 sections.Farms, Castles, and Trucks and Diggers. Just what young boys love.

Now the only issue buying from ChoicesUK is the free delivery requires you to spend £2.50. Luckily for me I wanted two books. But if you only require one book I'm afraid you'll have to look around for something to bump the order up. However there are some great books for 99p upwards. I can recommend…163. Even if you give the book away £2.98 is still cheaper than the next cheapest of £4.71

The Girls version is also £1.99


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Girls book is here Girls

Thanks ordered 1 of each.

This is such a bargain, I was pleased with mine when I bought at £2.99, further reduction is fab.
This is a nice book (another Usborne one) to top up for free delivery for a bit older kids at 99p (good reviews on Amazon)
What Shall I Draw?…291
and again for boys a bit old for a colouring book, this is a great book with puzzles, codes, stickers at £2.99
Boys' Activity Book…517

gone in to administration on 2nd march still waiting for some dvd's to come

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Sadly gone bust as in wiki

On 2nd March 2011, The Webb Company who are the parent company of ChoicesUK went into administration as "The Companies did not have the money to pay its liabilities as and when they fell due."[1]

But luckily I received my books.
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I too am waiting for some dvd's to come, dont suppose we will see either the dvd's or a refund!

Googled "choicesuk" this:

Webb Ivory, the owner of CHOICES UK (, amongst other brands, ceased trading on Saturday, 3rd March 2012 - and are now in Administration.

screenONE is an alternative DVD vendor you may find useful.
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