Boys From The Black Stuff (Three Discs) £7.37 at Base

Boys From The Black Stuff (Three Discs) £7.37 at Base

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Boys From The Black Stuff (Three Discs) £7.37 at Base

Jobs For The Boys: Chrissie assembles an unofficial building gang but their moonlighting is being
watched by the Department of Employment's investigators. A raid by the fraud squad leads to tragedy...

Moonlighter: Dixie, father of four and once the proud foreman, is working illicitly on the docks when
he discovers happenings that he'd rather not see. Meanwhile, after threats from the Department of
Employment, his wife Freda is too scared to open the door.

Shop Thy Neighbour: Chrissie's dole money has been stopped pending the enquiry into the
'moonlighting' affair.With no food in the cupboard the scene is set for a showdown with his wife
Angie - this, after all, was going to be her time...

Yosser's Story: Once Yosser dreamt of making it big. Now his manic search for work alternates with
fruitless efforts to avoid eviction and keep his three children from being taken into care.

George's Last Ride: A lifetime of adversity has left George's beliefs unbroken. When the end comes
Chrissie discovers a legacy and finds that something must be said.

* 'The Black Stuff' (Play For Today) with audio commentary from writer Alan Bleasdale and director Jim Goddard
* Interactive Menus
* Scene Access


I am desperate, Dan! Classic stuff.

Gissa Job! Go on Gissa Job! Classic and so topical in current recession

Showing on BBC4 on Sunday nights at the mom but not on iPlayer for some reason. Look out for Ron Dicko and Roy Cropper. Forgot about the dodgy modern jazz incidental music too!

Fantastic series, well worth a buy me thinks

Excellent series i bought this for £1 a year ago so good deal

sorry i mean £15 stupid PC

Good deal that the old man bday sorted

fantastic,, a must watch for everyone,,,shake hands,,shake hands,,but the best bit in the confessional box,,,,,yosser,,,ime desperate father,,,priest,,call me dan,,,yosser,,,ime desparate,,slight pause,,,dan,,so topical at present.great price,, buy it,, i already have.

Been watching these repeats on BBC4. I think it's a government initiative to prepare us all for leaner times ahead.

Very funny but equally very tragic. The Yosser Hughes episide is one of the saddest and funniest things ive ever seen.

Brilliant Series - heat & rep

well, maybe not rep, cos I cant find out how to do this anymore!!! Anyone help?
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