Boys From The Blackstuff (3 Disc Boxset) @ HMV only £8.99 delivered.

Boys From The Blackstuff (3 Disc Boxset) @ HMV only £8.99 delivered.

Found 4th Feb 2008
Got to be one of the best program drama's on TV ever. Remember Yosser Hughes!
"Gis a job!"

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Alan Bleasdale's Boys from the Blackstuff gripped television audiences in 1982 with its bleak, fiercely funny exploration of the effect of the UK's economic depression on a group of Merseyside characters, originally introduced in his 1978 play, The Blackstuff. Bleasdale's writing is unsparing in both its pain and its unconditional affection for characters being pushed to the very limit of civilisation. Yosser Hughes (the outstanding Bernard Hill) is still, and rightly, recognised as one of the great creations of modern television drama: a man on the brink of madness, unlikeable, ostracised, digging a deeper hole with every desperate act, but ultimately a human being deserving our sympathy.
The performances are wonderful throughout: particularly Peter Kerrigan as Malone, the once giant union leader reduced to a shadow but still with the spark that commands love and respect; Michael Angelis as Chrissie and, in a typically sharp cameo, Julie Walters as his wife. "My dreams still give me hope and faith in my class. I can't believe there's no hope," says Chrissie towards the end. And it's testament to Bleasdale's skill and the resilience of his characters that somehow, that flicker of hope remains unextinguished.

The blackstuff--the tarmac--of the title becomes increasingly ironic. There is none. The boys have no work. The dole office scenes have a grimly nostalgic, documentary quality. Each second drips another droplet of disillusionment on people whose expectations are crushed by every effort to haul themselves up. Thatcher's Britain was a cruel place for many people. The unspoken question that hangs in the air after watching Bleasdale's poetic dissection of ruined lives is, have things really changed that much? Television drama doesn't come any more powerful or honest than this.


Superb. Heat and rep!!.

Check Amazon 1st


Check Amazon 1st

£10.98 + delivery


Remeber when this was first aired on TV, caused quite a stir at the time.

Classic, voted hot

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Check Amazon 1st

Don't you think I did that???

great deal thanks

If you haven't seen this buy it you wont be dissapointed, superbly written and acted.


one of the best but also one of the most depressing.!
too much like real life in the eighties under thatcher,dont mean to put the shows down but why watch it when you lived it,know what i mean.:thumbsup:

9% on CD's/DVD's from HMV on Quidco.:thumbsup:

Gissa a job, I can do that.....voted hot

Got them all on video, somewhere :thinking: this saves me digging them out.
Wish they'd release the pilot episode as well though :x

Voted hot!

All I need now is Johnny Jarvis on DVD

Its on disc 1 if i remember correctly!


Got them all on video, somewhere :thinking: this saves me digging them … Got them all on video, somewhere :thinking: this saves me digging them out.Wish they'd release the pilot episode as well though :xVoted hot!

Great drama written with aplomb, but too depressing for me to watch all over again when I was there in the 80's anyway..
I won't be buying brings back to many memories but heat and rep added..:thumbsup:

Great series this so I ordered it. If you love animals you won't like 'Chrissy's Story' especially when he flips and takes it out on the Rabbits and Goose.

its 10% at quidco actually - it says 9%, but ive been getting the full 10% on all purchases of dvds, havent you?

might have to finally get this at just over £8 - never seen the series.

Voted hot, can't wait to see it again!!


Its on disc 1 if i remember correctly!

It doesn't mention the first one though, i think it was just called The Blackstuff.
Set in Middlesbrough and they get ripped off by gypsies, one of the things why yosser flipped.

Need The Muscle Market to come out on DVD as well :roll:

still same price!

What a party we will have wen she finally dies.
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