boys/mens boxers £2 instore at asda living

boys/mens boxers £2 instore at asda living

LocalFound 19th Sep 2017


Stopped trying to impress the wife with designer underwear?

Get your ever growing butt down to Asda - £2 for 3 pairs of depressingly colourful pants which may help put some yowsers in your trousers.

Or - if like me you still care about how your bulge looks when you slowly undress at night, hoping to seduce your woman as you gently reveal an armani logo (faded over the years) then you could always buy these pants for your kid.

Just sayin'

Found in telford.
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Why have all of Asda, and everywhere else, started using that wide, uncomfortable elastic? I like the soft, thinner waist bands. Only see it on briefs now.
Heat for the deal but HOT FOR DESCRIPTION!
Thanx for the chuckle Op
these were on sale week ago...but for £5...wrrr...must go back there and buy another set for my hubby
I ve asked my hubby to put the red ones on and shout out loud "HoHoHo" ,then I ve asked him if I ll be on good or on naughty list....hihihi
pants deal...... 😋
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