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Playseat Challenge £142.90 (with code) £131.82 after  Quidco @ Boystuff
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Posted 16th Mar 2018Posted 16th Mar 2018
Playseat Challenge £142.90 (with code) £131.82 after Quidco @ Boystuff
Original price = £139.95 + £9.95 delivery = £149.90 Note that £5.95 delivery is not available for his gaming chair from Boystuff, because of package size they told me... Quidco … Read more

The thrustmaster TH8A clamps nicely to the velcro arm. Had mine on there for over a year and it's rock solid.


So, ordered it on Thursday night and it arrived Saturday. I reckon it’s worth the £132, given the faff otherwise of trying to make a Heath Robinson arrangement for the wheel and pedals, the good driving position amd stability, and the compact storability. It looks pretty smart too, and has a good build quality. Just need a gearshift support now (which apparently can be fitted either side, JCP11).


Cold, the gear stick is on the wrong side.


Well... OK, but you better buy me a drink first. ;)


had it and got the evolution. it's a good chair but if planning on adding the buttkicker the vibration gets lost in the frame

PlaySeat Challenge Simulator Racing Gaming Chair - £132.95 + £5.95 Delivery @ Boys Stuff
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Posted 19th Feb 2018Posted 19th Feb 2018
PlaySeat Challenge Simulator Racing Gaming Chair - £132.95 + £5.95 Delivery @ Boys Stuff
Update, dropped £7 odd - use code AFF5 at basket I was after one of these a while back and missed the £134 amazon deal. This is the cheapest I've seen since and Currys and AO have… Read more

How much for the lot?


I’m 14 stone and as said around 6 3 I found it put a lot of pressure on my lower back which made it ache quite quickly. I think it’s because the fabric sits like it would on a hammock. It only tightens up as you sit on it and it just didn’t agree with my back. I now sit in a chair which supports itself better and no issues using my wheel. I hope that explains a little. I use an Ikea Poang chair now which is not hanging loose it’s padded but fairly firm. I have had issues as well which has been remedied mostly by Physio but still need to be careful and this just didn’t suit at all. I also found the bottom of it dug into the back of my thighs as en extra bit of discomfort. I’m not particularly lardy either, just lanky! Hope it it helps a little


Hi, Interested in this but concerned it may not be comfortable. What height are you and build? I ask as I've had some postural problems over the years, good now but need to take care to prevent reoccurrence, so need something like the support of an office chair or proper racing seat but like the ease of tidying this away. Any user experience from someone with a bit of a bad back. For reference i am 5'10' and about 12st


I tried to cobble something together but the gear such is in the wrong place so I don't use my wheel. So I suppose I need to get one or the wheel purchase will have been a waste of money.


Yeah they were £119.99 or 129.99 with the shift attachment in the New Year.

Playseat Challenge 135.90 delivered(less after 10% quidco) @boystuff
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Posted 14th Apr 2017Posted 14th Apr 2017
Playseat Challenge 135.90 delivered(less after 10% quidco) @boystuff
I love my wheel but the faff of setting it up means it sees limited use. If you need something you can fold out of the way easily this seems to be the best (only??!) option. 10% q… Read more

Chair arrived safe and sound today. Delivered by Yodel but no issues. Easy enough to setup. As mentioned it doesn't look like it should be sturdy but is when you are in it. Spent a couple of hours in Project Cars and I really like it so far. I've managed to find a nice comfortable driving position and surprisingly it does add to the experience. I still think it's overpriced but sadly it has no competition so this won't change. Don't think I'd go back to not having one now though. Upgraditis has already set in! Thinking of doing this: Although I already have a spare amp lying around so just 45 quid for the shaker rather than 200 for the kit!


Looking back at my order is states "Free Standard Postage and Packing". I wonder if I used a code? Regardless, I still wouldn't use them. However, the chair is good, plenty of adjustment, comfy and easy to store away. I actually used it for the first time in 6 months the other night to play Drive Club VR, that made the game much better.


Was that not before delivery though?


Great product if your a casual sim racer like me.... the ease of setup and fold away is great, and its very sturdy, which is surprising when you look at it.


Got this chair from them about 2 years ago. No problems and a good purchase. Folds up with wheel and pedals attached. I also had a wheelstand pro but much prefer this as everything is more stable in use.

Playseat Evolution £199.95 / Playseat Challenge £129.95 / Playseat Formula £619.95 + £3.95 standard del @ BoysStuff uk
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Posted 9th Oct 2016Posted 9th Oct 2016
Playseat Evolution £199.95 / Playseat Challenge £129.95 / Playseat Formula £619.95 + £3.95 standard del @ BoysStuff uk
Buy now for Gran Turismo Sport and PSVR release!

I agree with you there, if your gonna buy seat slider and gear shift mount then it's better to get a GT Omega unless you don't have initial funds for it all and was gonna buy add ons separately. I had a GT Omega wheelstand and later bought rear add ons to convert it to a full rig, it was amazing and very solid. I've also had a playseat Evolution which I bought to save space with the foldable seat. Single post was slightly annoying but you get used to it. Bit of flex on the pedal deck and fiddly attaching pedals to the pedal deck (so much easier and stable on omega wheelstand). Sold it though as it didn't really save any space. But overall a decent rig at this price if you dont need add ons. Personally I hope to get a GT Omega rig and get back into sim racing in the near future!


I looked at the Evolution before I purchased my GT Omega; the main reason I was put off was due to the central beam inbetween your legs. I didn't notice it at first, but After reading a couple of comparisons online, it became apparent to me. Also, although it does appear a third cheaper than a GT Omega, if you need the Gear Shift Mount and want the seat slider, it does put it dangerously close to a GT Omega. I know if it was me, I know what I'd choose. Just my 2 cents. :{


I have the playseat evolution and I love it, got the extra gear shift holder and seat slider.


GT has no release date and its a PD game so will be constantly delayed probably until PS5 :p


GT Omega is a much better piece of kit If budget will stretch

Playseat Challenge Simulator Chair £129.95 @ Boys Stuff
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Posted 24th Nov 2015Posted 24th Nov 2015
Playseat Challenge Simulator Chair £129.95 @ Boys Stuff
Would go nicely with the G29 steering wheel on offer from Currys/PC World. If space is an issue then this is ideal, folds up flat. Delivery is £5.95 Read a lot of good reviews abou… Read more

lol... don't think he'll fit.


sorry but thats not the type of person who will use a gaming chair. But this is.

Star Wars Jedi Dressing Gown £19.95 @ Del £3.95 (£23.90)
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Posted 18th Aug 2015Posted 18th Aug 2015
Star Wars Jedi Dressing Gown £19.95 @ Del £3.95 (£23.90)
I'm off to the Secret Cinema this weekend. Ooops that was a secret. Anyways it's a Star Wars theme and I have been designated the role of a Jedi Knight type character. So, I've dec… Read more

Vote cold did I. Deal it is not


picked one of these up a year ago for a lot less.. the long sleeves are a bit of a pain when you want to wash your hands etc, but it looks cool.... very big, probably get 2 of me in one and very warm.


Like the milk in your cereal bowl!


often pop's up cheaper than this on argos. sleeves are very annoying btw just too baggy you keep catching them on things all the time


I thought the secret cinema is The Empire Strikes Back? Not many jedi's in that movie.....

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Brazen Stag 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair £99.95 @ BoysStuff
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Posted 11th May 2015Posted 11th May 2015
Brazen Stag 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair £99.95 @ BoysStuff
Also have the Bluetooth chair for £139.95 BraZen Stag 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair, AS SEEN ON CHANNEL FIVE'S THE GADGET SHOW, is in our opinion the best pedestal gaming chair … Read more

Yep.Same with the X rocker chairs.


Is this tall enough to use as a pc desk chair as well?


Anyone own one of these? Hard to find solid reviews on these compared to the X Rockers.


meh, too pricey...


The speakers usually die on these, had 2 different models.

Simpson Mug @ 90p + £3.95 Delivery
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Posted 3rd May 2015Posted 3rd May 2015
Simpson Mug @ 90p + £3.95 Delivery
found this very cheap he perfect mug for any Homer Simpson fan out there. The base of the mug has his opinion of alcohol printed on it showing the world as you innocently sip you… Read more

Sorry peeps i thought it said free delivery on the item page "fast next day" so indeed a rubbish deal


You'd be a mug to buy at this price :b


Very similar in the pound shops.


Other sale items:


It's per order so if your ordering a few or have something else on the site you want to buy it's not to bad.

X rocker vision 2.1 gaming chair £159.95 @ Boys Stuff
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Posted 8th Dec 2014Posted 8th Dec 2014
X rocker vision 2.1 gaming chair £159.95 @ Boys Stuff
great quality, great price, great Xmas present Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

thought the word wireless indicated it was???


not everyone can get in costco


why is the costco deal not on here??


I bought this chair a year ago for £99


£79.99 + vat in costco

X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair £216.41 delivered using Voucher + 6%Quidco @ Boys Stuff
Posted 30th Oct 2014Posted 30th Oct 2014
X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair £216.41 delivered using Voucher + 6%Quidco @ Boys Stuff
Looking around for a top gaming chair for Xmas and spotted this one. was already the cheapest at £249.99 Further investigation got me a voucher code for 15% off bri… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

The discount voucher I posted has expired, yours must be different.


hi i have the discount voucher which took my price down to £224 how do i get itdown to 216 for delivery aswell


Code not working anymore!?


Ordered, Thanks!


Pah. How is this cold. The deal is HOT if you are looking for a quality gaming chair.:|

GameRacer Pro Racing Simulator £178.90 @ BoysStuff
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Posted 6th Oct 2014Posted 6th Oct 2014
GameRacer Pro Racing Simulator £178.90 @ BoysStuff
£178.90 delivered. Usually £200+.

In the game itself!


my first actual car cost the same as this racing chair! Where's the rest of it?

Playseat Challenge £159.95 + (£3.95) @
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Posted 27th Sep 2014Posted 27th Sep 2014
Playseat Challenge £159.95 + (£3.95) @
Play seat challenge for £163.90 delivered. Maybe a bit expensive for a garden chair but the good thing is that is doubles up as a ra ing simulator. Not for hardcore sim racers but … Read more
Playseat Challenge £159.95 @ (£3.95 delivery)
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Posted 11th Jun 2014Posted 11th Jun 2014
Playseat Challenge £159.95 @ (£3.95 delivery)
New to the UK market in 2014 the PlaySeat Challenge Simulator Racing Gaming Chair is the most perfect racing gaming chair for those short on space. The PlaySeat Challenge Racing G… Read more

Your average dining room chair isnt adjustable either donkii, you donkey.


lap tray stable with force feedback ?


Get a seat and buy a lap tray, when done return seat to dinning room / kitchen and eat your dinner off the tray. Job done (_;).


I could afford one. And I would actually quite like a racing setup that doesn't take up half my living room. But I'm not paying £160 for that. It may be the best price for it, but it's still WAY overpriced for what it is. And this is coming from someone who was quite happy to pay a four figure sum for a TV ....


I would argue it's worth it to people who have the money for something like this. The next playseat up the ladder is probably the evo and thats an extra 80 quid and takes up space permanently in the house.. The next best thing for something that you can store is a wheel stand pro, which isnt a cockpit, and still costs 80 quid from ebay. Cheapest price for this though. 200 quid everywhere else.

Anti Bullsh*t Spray £2.95 plus £3.95 delivery at Boys stuff
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Posted 12th Dec 2013Posted 12th Dec 2013
Anti Bullsh*t Spray £2.95 plus £3.95 delivery at Boys stuff
We all know someone who, no matter how hard they try, still comes out with a load of BS. Now, instead of soap to wash their mouth out you can simply spray their mouth with this An… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*
snoopy18 £3.49 here , freezing


Well the spray did not work on this deal then


cheaper at amazon here £2.99 delivered


obviously doesn`t work then if OldEnglish used it and he still came out with that bullsh*t :)


getting mine then off to Downing Street or House of commons get all the bull******** MPs + PM + his side kick Clegg hahaha would love to do this cheers me deers thank you :p

Gyroxus Driving / Flight Simulator Gaming Chair ps3, pc, xbox £99.95 @
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Posted 25th Sep 2013Posted 25th Sep 2013
Gyroxus Driving / Flight Simulator Gaming Chair ps3, pc, xbox £99.95 @
Its a chair. For gaming. That you sit on. And it moves. Was £300 or so when released, might be worth a punt at under £100. Reviews are scarce, which is probably the reason for a p… Read more


I ended up watching the video 3 times to fully appreciate what a load of rubbish it was. I found myself laughing more each time.


Until there's a home version of the G-Loc cabinet they had at Debenhams in Croydon when I was a kid, I'd not be interested in anything like this! lol, you'd pay £2 for a turn just to spend the whole time feeling a bit sick X)[image missing]


Given it has no motors or anything, you're better off sitting on a gym ball and playing games that way...


Haven't seen any specific reviews for this product but at the start of the year I was looking for a gaming chair with a pretty decent budget to spend on it, saw plenty of reviews for chairs from £50 to thousands and didn't see a single good review often they were considered to be bad value, poorly made and uncomfortable. After a good 6 months of searching I ended up just buying an office chair and a beanbag.

Superman Towel @ BoysStuff for ONLY £4.95 SAVING £6!!!
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Posted 18th Feb 2013Posted 18th Feb 2013LocalLocal
Superman Towel @ BoysStuff for ONLY £4.95 SAVING £6!!!
Came across this amazing deal and thought I'd share this with all the other Superman Fans and Lovers! Superman Towel on sale for just £4.95! SAVING £6!! ONLY FOR 1 DAY! Enter… Read more

I don't see any. Not for less than £8.90 delivered.


Came so close but £3.95 P&P put me off - can get better sizes on eBay £60 off the BraZen Cobra Gaming Chair Reduced from £99.95 to £39.95
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Posted 11th Feb 2013Posted 11th Feb 2013LocalLocal £60 off the BraZen Cobra Gaming Chair Reduced from £99.95 to £39.95
Just saw this on my Facebook Feed and seems like a really good deal! A BraZen Cobra Gaming Chair that was priced previously at £99.95 and has now been reduced by £60 to £39.95. A… Read more

review here


Must just be me..... :) Thanks for that




Worked for me too! Comes up as £99.95 then just apply the code and the £60 deduction is made. Heat added!!!!


Working for me -

X Rocker Senior 2.1 Surround Sound Gamebag Gaming Chair £29.95 + £3.95 (£33.90) Delivery @
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Posted 4th Jan 2013Posted 4th Jan 2013
X Rocker Senior 2.1 Surround Sound Gamebag Gaming Chair £29.95 + £3.95 (£33.90) Delivery @
LIMITED CRAZY OFFER WHILST STOCK LASTS! £70 OFF RRP OF £99.95! Take a look at the amazing X-Rocker Senior beanbag gaming chair. It combines comfort with immersive surround sound w… Read more

got it at this price before christmas my son loves it :)

X Rocker Vision 2.1 @
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Posted 19th Dec 2012Posted 19th Dec 2012
X Rocker Vision 2.1 @
Great last minute gift for any gaming enthusiasts in your life. The X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Wireless Sound Gaming Chair is compatible with all major games consoles and gadgets : iPod… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I have one of these, and its quite low, so i would say no.


is the height on these ok for computer desks?

BoysStuff X-Rocker Gaming Chair £29.95 + £3.95 p&p
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Posted 15th Nov 2012Posted 15th Nov 2012
BoysStuff X-Rocker Gaming Chair £29.95 + £3.95 p&p
Just came across this through a friends Twitter, and had a look on the BoysStuff website and compared with other websites this seems to be quite cheap! I'm going to purchase for my… Read more

ordered thanks


might have to sent it back says all ages but when you read the specs it says Great for kids, teens and smaller adults. not big average height and about skinny but not a small adult


Lol, the guy looks like a total idiot sitting in that :)


Bargain. Just seen the same gamebag on Amazon and Menkind at £99.95!


thanks ordered

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