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Posted 28 July 2022

BP Pulse - EV Charging Solutions free month + £45 credit (selected accounts only) @ BP

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I’ve received this email. I haven’t been a BP Pulse customer a long time but think it may be sent out to customers who haven’t upgraded their membership to a free membership.

In short the membership gives you a discounted charging rate (which with recent price increases is more logical if you have a charger near you).

This offer gives one month free (normally £7.95) and then £9 credit per month for the following 5 months if you stay a member. If you have a BP Pulse charger nearby (that is operational) then it could be a very good deal.

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    Great offer if you have a BP Pulse charger near to you - that works! BP Pulse charger network is one of the worse for reliability, so make sure you know for sure that the BP charger/chargers you will use are working and have been reliable (check Zap Map)
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    Glad the OP put (if operational) in brackets because BP Pulse are terribly unreliable. Plus their customer service if you ring up is awful. They literally tell you anything to get you off the phone. We have four chargers near us and since we got our EV in March they’ve been out of order around 90% of the time, off and on.
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    Can the £9 credit be used to pay the membership fee, or is it for charging credit only?
    Just charging only I believe - payment for membership comes out as a direct debit
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    Can the £9 credit be used to subsidise the mobile phone contract used to call BP Pulse repeatedly without a solution every time the charger fails to work/charge/unlock?