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10p of litre fuel, £20 spend at  BP & Marks & Spencer's
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Fill up before new year. This December we're offering a great selection of in store deals: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola 1.25 litres Buy 1 Get 1 F… Read more

I`d have said the two main factors were taxation and a useless government, not that old chestnut Brexit. Once those idiots in government stop carrying on like primary school kids bitching at each other and get on with what we pay them to do things will be sterling ;)


Two main factors... Taxation and Brexit. In case you hadnt noticed the latter has screwed the exchange rate so even if the oil price drops, the pound is worthless.


Fuel is massively overpriced in this country and when we the consumers are thrown a token gesture like this we think it`s wonderful, fuel prices are the only thing that i agree with the French`s stand on. They actually do something to get prices lowered instead of what is the norm here waiting for the fuel giants to throw us a few scraps (mad) If your happy being overcharged whilst oil prices are at an all time low and have been for some time then it`s a deal. Haven`t voted on it OP because that`d be unfair & in some folks eyes it will be a deal. But c`mon folks "viva la revolution" ;)


Save roughly £6 for your tank for every £20 you spend. Hmmmmmmmm


M&S and BP make a good pairing. Both over-priced!

Energizer Max Plus AA/AAA Batteries BOGOF £5.99 @ BP with M&S Simply Food
LocalLocalFound 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
Buy one get one Free on 4 pack AA/AAA Energizer Max Plus Batteries @ BP with M&S Simply Food

Buy rechargeable batteries. It pays in the long run.


Agree! Only place I seen cheaper, everywhere is £4.99 for one pack


10 pack £4.50 from Wilko. Buy when Quidco has the £2.50 bonus, which is at least weekly of late.


Think Christmas Day when everywhere else is shut 😜

10p off per litre with a £20 spend in store @ BP with M&S Simply Food
LocalLocalFound 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
Spend £20 in store on shop goods and receive 10p off per litre. Can take advantage of the Takeaway Banquet deal - 2 mains and 2 sides for £10 or Prosecco 2 for £16 Usual exclusions… Read more

Spend £20 in store excluding gift cards tobacco and lottery and get 10ppl off your fuel you have already filled up, all needs be used in one transaction


Our BP garage refused us a voucher the other day saying we had to spend £20 on fuel and not the £20+ we’d spent in the shop!


I suspect the BP garage is in close proximity to an Asda or other supermarket forecourt as that's the only time they drop the price and even then they're normally a couple of pence a litre more. Probably making UK drivers pay for their negligence in the US and elsewhere!


Yes Gift Cards, Top Ups, Lottery and Tobacco excluded


Are gift cards excluded?

Amex spend £30 or more, get £10 back in fuel @ BPme App
Refreshed 12th Dec 2018Refreshed 12th Dec 2018
BPme app get £10 credit back when spending £30 or more on fuel using Amex

I didn't receive my £10 credit for one of my cards so had to ask for it. Check your accounts people!


Clearing the cache for the App resolved my issue.


I've finally managed to redeem this on each of my Amex cards but the most recent experience was the worst (I mentioned previously that the pumped stopped randomly at £27). Tonight the app repeatedly failed to open and when I did get it open, the app would cancel the transaction a few seconds after authorising the pump. I kept retrying until it worked but it resulted in nearly £1000 being pre-authorised from my card!


Got my 4th and last one today. Nice to see the price finally drop at my local - 116.9, so only a couple of pence more than my local Asda. Because of the small difference, I put £40's worth in. 😁😁


Nope, you wouldn't get the credit. £30 is the amount you've set on the app. I usually set £40 so that I can fuel £30. Ive used it on all 3 of my cards all without any issues.

HSBC Visa offer £5 on a purchase of £40 or more @ Bp
Found 12th Oct 2018Found 12th Oct 2018
BPme £5 on a purchase of £40 or more Limit 1 cashback per account. See full terms Terms and Conditions To redeem this offer, you will need to make a purchase of £40 or more in BPme… Read more

About 2 days!


How long did it take for you to get the cashback?


Can't see it on the list of offers


Did it and got my £5 back. Was actually prety quick to be fair.


This looks too much faff for me. if I could pay at pump or til it would be fine. Why are BP pushing the app rather than making use of pay at pump? Seems odd when there are signs up telling you not to use a mobile phone on the forecourt.

BPme App - £5 on a purchase of £40 or more with Simply Rewards Nationwide
LocalLocalFound 30th Sep 2018Found 30th Sep 2018
To redeem this offer, you will need to make a purchase of £40 or more in BPme app in any availble location. BP pumps may stop £1 early to ensure your fill-up is within your pre-aut… Read more
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Nearest BP to me is about 6 mile away... on a motorway..... so it's the most expensive fuel within 50 miles, sometimes by about 10p per litre... No thanks...


This app is useless. Tried at one BP and it wasn’t listed as being able to use it, few days later went out my way to a BP showing as taking the app. Pull in the forecourt and they are advertising it heavily. App knows where I am and tells me to start fueling. Take out pump and it reads zero price. App and pump keeps doing this so I speak to cashier, next to another advertisement. “Does the app work here?” “No it doesn’t”. Seriously? Advertising the hell out of it at a service station where it doesn’t even work? What a joke. Waste of my time ... deleted.


Hopefully better than the Esso app which is an utter clustertruck.


HSBC are also offering the same cashback and the link given was also for the New Zealand site! The error is obviously with BP and not the banks (although they should have done a check) making me wonder how good the development of the app is. You have to give your card details and if they can't get the link right it's not too much a stretch to think that the security of the app isn't as good as it should be! I have asked HSBC to confirm that the cashback will be given using the UK app.


BP’s are all more expensive than the supermarkets round my way so even less of a saving

500 nectar points when you buy fuel at BP
Found 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
500 nectar points when you buy fuel at BP
Just saw this on the nectar app. No minimum amount stated Not sure if its account specific
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To what?


their bonus points never go on straight away


I filled up after activating the 750 points but only ended up getting 22 points not worth the extra journey, time or petrol cost!!


Voted Hot


Oh filled up today forgot card, good deal

BP Ultimate Unleaded, price glitch, Lisburn, NI £1.149/lt
LocalLocalFound 24th Jul 2018Found 24th Jul 2018
BP Ultimate Unleaded, price glitch, Lisburn, NI £1.149/lt
Filled up this morning at my local BP and the fuel was 15p/l cheaper than normal unleaded. Presume this is just at this one and not at all BP garages. edir: Receipt image since it… Read more

I just called them and their head office, they said its a known mistake and everybody will be charged the difference ;-) #spoilsport


Will this work in diesels?




Thanks, OP. I'm a tanker driver and was delivering 29,000 litres there earlier and we actually charge the garage more that that, so, after making the drop, I promptly filled the tanker and made a nice profit. Didn't go back a second time as I thought they might get suspicious.


Just leaving Liverpool now... can anyone give us a lift !!!

500 FREE nectar points for downloading the BP me app and getting fuel on it once
Found 19th May 2018Found 19th May 2018
500 FREE nectar points for downloading the BP me app and getting fuel on it once
500 free nectar points. Just for downloading the app and using the once (party) Offer runs 17 May – 14 June 2018 inclusive. Download BPme and link your Nectar card to collect 5… Read more

So in effect you could go overdrawn or at least i could i have 40 squid in mine at the mo - glad someone reads the small print thanks sir!


Make sure you read the small print, when you fill up they take £100 deposit from your bank it sits there on hold until the money for the fuel comes out. It then un-holds and comes available again.




Have a 1000 nectar point offer but how much is the minimum spend. I used to buy BP fuel which is great when the local petrol station was competitive on price with supermarkets but they abandoned price matching some time ago. Car always seemed to run a bit better with BP fuel although nowadays I use Tesco high octane momentum which seems as good.


There is nothing for free, you disclose your personal data plus you're asked to fuel your car so I wouldn't call it FREE

Highland Spring Still Spring Water 12 x 500ml £1.50 @ BP Garage - E Lancashire Rd, Astley, Manchester
LocalLocalFound 2nd May 2018Found 2nd May 2018
Highland Spring Still Spring Water 12 x 500ml £1.50 @ BP Garage - E Lancashire Rd, Astley, Manchester
At BP petrol pump E Lancashire Rd, Astley, Manchester M29 7HX
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I see OP has changed the title lol


The brexit school of economics i reckon 😄


https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/683051/UK_Statisticson_Waste_statistical_notice_Feb_2018_FINAL.pdf "The UK recycling rate for Waste from Households(WfH; including IBA metal) was 45.2% in 2016," "In 2016, 71.4% of UK packaging waste was either recycled or recovered compared to 64.7% in 2015. This exceeds the EU target to recycle or recover at least 60% of packaging waste. " checks out, although thats household waste only, where did you get 10%?


Where the hell you get those figures from? We recycle just about 10% of everything in this country.


Overall about 45% of recyclable rubbish is recycled in the UK, and about 57% of plastic bottles are recycled in the UK. Or were you asking about America?

Free M&S Mince Pies at BP when you buy two items from the shelter collection.
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Free M&S Mince Pies at BP when you buy two items from the shelter collection.
Free Mince Pies at BP when you buy two items from the shelter collection.
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Same offer in normal m and s stores too.

10p of per litre with £30 spend
LocalLocalFound 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
10p of per litre with £30 spend
Starting Friday Saturday Sunday for 3 weekends bp will be doing 10p off per litre on a £30 spend. Handy with the ones with m&s in as can grab gifts like biscuit cartons 2 for £… Read more
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Its fortunate with this deal!


Thanks Op! Heat added. unfortunately, My nearest BP with M&S is 20 miles away.


Where I live there are 5 petrol stations within 2 miles. BP is always at least 4p per litre more expensive than 3 of them. Other rip off petrol is Texaco.


Bp is a bump. In fact all of them are. Different prices same location . just a bunch of rip offs


Osram Eco Pro Classic 64548 A 240V 116W E27 Only 99p @ BP Connect
LocalLocalFound 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
Osram Eco Pro Classic 64548 A 240V 116W E27 Only 99p @ BP Connect
Only 99p @ BP Connect (M&S and Standalone) Cheapest seen online is £1.24

Same price in homebargains all the time I think.. they failquickly aswell, I've gone through so many of these I've given up with them

10x Necter points with BP ultimate This weekend only @ BP
Found 1st Jun 2017Found 1st Jun 2017
10x Necter points with BP ultimate This weekend only @ BP
10 x Nectar points when filling up with BP Ultimate this weekend only. Starts Friday 2nd to 5th June.
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Yep that says it's octane 98 doesn't say it's unique to BP, Octane 98 is recommended for my car , doesn't have to be BP's .... duh !


​No, are you?


"BP ultimate is Octane 98 which is recommended for my car so that's what I choose to use".


Again you get it wrong , no one said that Octane 98 was unique to BP, If the post bore you so much why keep responding to them ???


These fuel posts are so boring as they only attract positive comments from snobby types with fat wallets.

available in BP, I was told this is national!! I think we all agree that it normally costs a lot more than £1 (Pussy Drink) I can't believe how many people on here do not have a sense of humour...:-)
Found 19th May 2017Found 19th May 2017
available in BP, I was told this is national!! I think we all agree that it normally costs a lot more than £1 (Pussy Drink) I can't believe how many people on here do not have a sense of humour...:-)
I don't think this deal needs a description..... Pussy for £1 ...... what a deal! Let's see if we can get this the most cold votes ever
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£1 for 250ml of drink is bad.


​nee ****


Yes..... ;)


At 09:15 AM?


Ha ha I love the replies from all the grown ups! If you want my opin.......... oops got to go mums just said my dinners ready !! X)

250 bonus nectar points with any fuel purchase at BP
Found 12th Jan 2017Found 12th Jan 2017
250 bonus nectar points with any fuel purchase at BP
Not sure if account specific. Worth a check

Loving your comments today, boyaloud :3


I'll check my accounts, it might be a bit of a gas finding a BP near me though! :p ;):3


50 bonus points when I purchase BP Ultimate fuel.


Got 500pts on mine; which is nice seeing as I'm on a fuel card that only lets me use BP :-)


great find, heat

250 Nectar Points Free When You Fill Up At BP
Found 1st May 2016Found 1st May 2016
250 Nectar Points Free When You Fill Up At BP
Just load the offer onto your Nectar card using the App. Scan your card when you fill up and the points are yours. Valid until 11th May
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not showing on my app


Mine do hehe


Not in my account either. Boo!


I cry 0n


Fill up £1 get £1.25 in nectar points

5p off per litre of fuel @ BP when you buy 2 qualifying products
Found 3rd Feb 2016Found 3rd Feb 2016
5p off per litre of fuel @ BP when you buy 2 qualifying products
When you buy any two selected products including Coca-Cola, Cadbury Creme Eggs and Dairy Milk Giant Buttons Receive a 5p discount off each full litre of BP petrol, diesel or LPG A… Read more

Almost fell for this a few months ago, but was shocked when I walked in and looked to buy something instore. Why would anyone buy there at those inflated prices?


The deal itself is a good deal. Unfortunately, the price of the items you need to purchase to quality (or most items in BPs!) ruin it :( Cold I am afraid, but thanks for posting.


My local BP is 105.9 for diesel.Local supermarket is 98.9. So I could buy some of these overpriced products and still lose out on the fuel.


Start the countdown. Somebody's bound to want to tell you that supermarket petrol's made from old socks and will wreck your engine. :D


Only worth it if you fill 50+ litres and even then it definitely only brings the prices down to supermarket prices, unless you were genuinely looking to buy the specified items anyway

Diesel 98.9p  @ BP Team Valley Gateshead
LocalLocalFound 23rd Jan 2016Found 23rd Jan 2016
Diesel 98.9p @ BP Team Valley Gateshead
Unleaded fuel 99.9 Diesel 98.9

thanks, now find another post on fuel to pretend to know it all on


I'll leave it to others to decide who's talking a load of crap. Dream on sonny.


which also means that you have no proof it doesnt, and all this talk of au urban myth is a load of crap. I notice the difference between fuels in the cost of repairs from one supplier to another, and thats from driving hundreds of miles a week. I dont think you have anything sensible to say


"motor manufacturers may not have a problem with using supermarket fuels, but do state a preference" that's called marketing I think you'll find. If motor manufactureres state a preferred fuel it's because they have a financial incentive to do so (Ferrari / Shell etc). You are of course entitled to believe what you want to believe, but the evidence does not support the belief that supermarket fuel damages engines.


I think you'll find that motor manufacturers may not have a problem with using supermarket fuels, but do state a preference, a bit like using different types of engine oil (perhaps you think all engine oils are the same also?) depends what you class as damage, if you put supermarket fuel in your car and drove it then it'll break down 10 miles later, that would be classed as damage, but also a ridiculous myth. But if you use supermarket fuel, and drive 10,000 miles, you wont notice any difference in the short term but over time this could likely cause damage on unseen, internal components.

BP diesel and petrol 99p on Bensham Road BP garage
LocalLocalFound 20th Jan 2016Found 20th Jan 2016
BP diesel and petrol 99p on Bensham Road BP garage
Both diesel and petrol are under a pound on Bensham Road BP garage.

At least he knows how to start a sentence with a capital letter. Still what good is education today? He's actually right in some aspects, a brand name doesn't always mean quality, it sometimes means paying well over the odds for something identical but without the branding, and the company laughing their bloody heads off, thinking LOL what a 'sucker!' For an example, we really appreciate you paying a premium for nothing more than simply advertising our company on your jacket ...and in such a predominant way. Long may it continue and our profits soar. Thank you. The truth hurts doesn't it?


​you are wasting your time mate...let him enjoy his 20p tea biscuits in front of his telly that won in an eBay auction and the supermarket marketing boys know where to sell their water-emulsion fuel...




How wrong you are. I have the best of everything I desire, big house, big car ( BMW ), big T.V. ( PANASONIC ). It's all about value for money sunshine, hotukDEALS.........paying over the odds for fuel and donuts is for fools sucked in by the marketing.


and there it is muffboy - your a tightass. finally we've got to the bottom of your issue. why pay for quality and look at the long term benefits when you can save a few sheckles. hehe. still as long as you're happy on your amstrad computer (it's a computer, only suckers would buy alienware - they're both computers) or happy watching your argos basic power hungry tv (why pay for a samsung? they're both tv's) before you slip into your comfy sleeping bag to count some zz's (only a fool would buy a bed) then it's all good. those marketing guys sure haven't got you.......