BPay sticker (normally £14.99) free with Christmas T3 magazine - £4.99

BPay sticker (normally £14.99) free with Christmas T3 magazine - £4.99

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LocalFound 8th Dec 2015
Get a free bPay sticker (normally £14.99) when you buy the Christmas edition of T3 magazine. BPay lets you use whatever you stick the sticker on to as a contactless credit card. Don't think I'd pay £14.99 for it but for free I'll give it a go! There's an app to manage the account now too.

New issue comes out December 22 so guess it is available till then.
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hang on i got one of these free with my credit card - MBNA
bought 2 before, no sticker inside
It's well hidden. There's a page telling you about the sticker and it's opposite that page - dark grey on a dark grey box - I missed it the first few times!
Neat idea - You link to another account and can either auto top-up or manage manually. Stick to back of your phone or other item (wallet / purse/ keyring etc.) and use as a contactless payment method.

I have the keyring version which again is simple to use / top up etc. via the app. Means if I forget my wallet I still have a means of paying provided the shop takes contactless!
I can only find an offer in magazine for a free card as long as you purchase another item. Minimum spend is £14.99.
I threw mine away but there's a double page spread (in the first third of the magazine). The sticker is on the lower right side of the right page. I presume you got the magazine in a plastic bag (so noone has nicked it already)?
It was all sealed. Have checked again and nothing there
Odd. It really does look part of the page as the card itself is the same grey as the background. And it's only the thickness of a sticker so really easy to miss. There is an advert for it right at the beginning of the mag but the actual freebie is a little way in on a double page spread.
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Couldn't find mine in my magazine, I went and bought the magazine specially to get one of the bPay stickers. Does anyone know which page it is on? I have checked through the whole mag and couldn't seem to find it. I can only seem to find offers about getting a free sticker with the purchase of something else (minimum £14.99 spend). Is it in the free tech magazine? I looked in there and couldn't find it either.
See my post above - it was very easy to miss but there is a double page spread in the main magazine. Sticker is in a grey box on the right hand side.
No, I call BS on this. Also bought one and def no sticker in mine, and yes it was sealed in the bag.
Looks like it a limited offer so store specific. The bag must have the bPay sticker on the front; I checked tesco today and it didn't but wh smith did. See the image below:

Click for image (img tag doesn't seem to work for Flickr images)

So not BS
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Ok. I stand corrected. Apologies.
This is out of date
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