Bpay wristband FREE worth 24.99

Bpay wristband FREE worth 24.99

Found 9th Jul 2015
Free bpay wristband if you had before bpayband. Have mine for free. Just perfect. Also they released app.


I see words.... not many of them are making sense

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I have mine, comes yesterday for free, i had old bpayband.

I think he is trying to say if you already own this product just call them and they will renew it free of charge. Or something like that.

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Kind of, 1st gen wirstband account database deleted you can try luck to call them and ask for the new cause you had before

Anyone who had one previously was sent an email offering a free new one.
In my opinion the keyfob is better than the band.

Don't see the point when Apple and Google can both let you pay with a mobile phone.

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Really???? Let you pay by phone to pay apple and google? Show me how? How you gobna pay if your battery flat?
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