B&Q 2 man tent starter kit , sleeping bags , tent , foam bed. Was £39 , now £5 instore

B&Q 2 man tent starter kit , sleeping bags , tent , foam bed. Was £39 , now £5 instore

Found 25th Aug 2011
Just picked up one of these instore. Great for cheap camping trip or kids in garden even.
2 Man Tent
2 sleeping bags
2 Foam roll out beds
all in a handy bag.
* Tent Type: Dome Tunnels
* Pitching Area Length: 4450mm
* Pitching Area Width: 3000mm
* Hydrostatic Head: 1200mm
* Number of Airvents: 1
* Number of Bedrooms: 1
* Sleeping Capacity: 2
* Carry bag, Mosquito net and steel pegs included
* Sewn in Groundsheet aids pitching and reduces draft
* Guylines help rigidity
* Lantern Point
* Pitch Time: 18mins
* Separate porch area
* Taped Seams for Waterproof protection

Reserve and collect is not very reliable with B&Q so you may be telephoned cancelling reservation so be aware of this. I just found this one the shelf an hour ago.
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seriously? all that for a fiver?
Tried to buy a load of camping gear at hugely reduced prices online. Web site crashed and not reduced in store - Inverness. Hot nappy!!!!!! Good price so hot but might not be there when you try to buy.
I got 2 of these just because I wanted the 4 roll-up sleeting mats!!!! Great value!
Wait for your phone call to say it is out of stock,what a joke.
Seems like great value for what you get.
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Bet it's out of stock in Leeds and Reading this weekend.
sounds good.
I didn't even reserve it, it was just on the shelf. It was correctly marked on shelf. It is worth a trip (if you dont live too far) as there are some amazng bargains. I also got a huge parasole which was reduced to a tenner and that was one on the most expensive ones!

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Got the last one from Wigan. Also got four 2 man tents for a £1 each. Yes a quid!!!!
To everyone who is disgruntled by the reserve and collect system please see this thread on MSE.


I've tried to start something off in relation to doing something about the awful B&Q r&c system and was shot down in flames at first but the thread is still there so please take the time to have a read.

People are posting what items they reserved at which store and whether or not they had a call to say it was out of stock or if they had a wasted jouney when going to collect.

B&Q have no excuse for such an awful r&c system when other retailers such as Argos are much better.
I decided to stump up the £30 for the Family Tent Starter Set!
just reserved one from preston store, some in in blackpool and chorley
As long as the do actually phone me to say the stuff ive reserved is OOS, ill take it on the chin, however theyre both ~10 mile drives so if i go there and they dont have them, I'll be far less accomodating!
anyone know how heavy it is?
Already posted.
Thanks OP
Went for the Gelert Tornado 4 Tent Red / Charcoal 4 Person Dome Tent


The review made the decision for me. 2 days of storm and it stayed dry. I way in a Gelert Scafell Rock Quickpitch tent last week in a light/moderate storm and I am not sure if it leaked or it was a it was single skinned that the sleeping bag got wet as the rain bounced the condensation onto me lying in the tent. Either way I got wet and had been warned to get a doubled skinned tent. The 4 man will have space for 3 people and hopefully will keep us dry.

singled skin, might be usefull for a play tent but still worth a fiver
They cancelled my order, no stock
I was going to get this exact one after seeing this deal but the amount of people saying it wasn't as waterproof as they'd liked threw me off. However, the camping mats and other bits are in stock in all sorts of places rather than in one in particular annoyingly. Reserved the domed two-man tent instead, asked a mate to pick up other bobs!

Thanks for sharing
just ordered 12 will do nicely for the carboot
WARNING Waste of time reserving stuff on line from from B&Q for collection

3 "in stock" sale items reserved yesterday from the Peterborough Store for collection today subsequent phone call not available as out of stock.

So if you want stuff you need to go in store and hope they still have it!
Just reserved 2 from the Norwich store. Total bargain!
thanks.Reserved at leeds yesterday,took a chance and went straight in was told there wasnt any and were unlikely to get it for today after reserving it.Low and behold phoned this morning and it was sat waiting for us and managed to get another of the shelf for a friend.Total bargain, daughter really pleased.
I just got a call cancelling mine as well - from the Norwich store, said they sold out 2 days ago
Just been to pickup 2 items I reserved from B&Q yesterday - No sign of em and they'd sold out.

Wasted 45min round trip.
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got one today at my local store had about 3 left
Went in my local to get one of these but came away with two of the 4 person family tent sets which were scanning at £7.50 each. Kit had the tent, a double air bed 2 single air beds, 4 sleeping bags and a foot pump
Went to Ilford to get the last 2-man dome tents! Pretty lucky on that one, as they were stashed at the back of a shelf, unlabelled. Also got the wind-up lamps! Well chuffed
Ring and check stock levels with your local store before you go, website says item in stock but when I rang customer services they said the stock levels on the website are very inaccurate and they didn't have any. If they have in stock they will reserve it over the phone.
Ring before you go, B & Q stock levels are not accurate. They will reserve the item over the phone if in stock.

just ordered 12 will do nicely for the carboot

Selfish and greedy......
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