B&Q Indesit integrated cooker hood £19

B&Q Indesit integrated cooker hood £19

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Yes I know that there have been posts on the B&Q kitchen sale before (they have been unfairly EXPIRED) - but I saw this today and thought it might help someone.
I have a Philips integrated cooker hood that is almost EXACTLY the same (frame and grill) and it was fitted 20 years ago - made in the same factory it seems. As the fan is noisy after 20 years this makes a very cheap replacement.
I also realise that integrated cooker hoods are rarely fitted these days in favour of glass hoods.

Width (cm) : 60.0
Height (cm) : 40.0
Depth (cm) : 27.0
Technical data
Mains voltage (Volt) : 220-240
Frequency (Hz) : 50
Max absorbed power (Watt) : 200
Dimensions : Fully integrated
Grease filter : Synthetic
Lights : 2 std x 40 W
Exhaust Air Outlet (lt) : 100
Output (m3/h) : 240.0
Speed : 3

H 661 (GY)


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no thanks,don't want to spend anymore money with B&Q after the last thread.cold

where is this B&Q ?

That's a great price. Was looking for an integrated extractor a few months ago but ended up buying a chimney hood as the price was about the same.
Heat + Rep added.

Just as a matter of interest do B&Q do instore pricematching?

this is discontinued stock and the only way of finding out who has stock is to get barcode then do checks on instore pandora system.its likely to be very hit and miss whether you can locate any at all.


Just as a matter of interest do B&Q do instore pricematching?

yes within a set mileage and as long as other retailer has the item in stock.if the other retailer is cheaper b&q price match then take a further 10% off

They wont price match Screwfix !

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where is this B&Q ?

sorry - should have said - Bristol Cribbs Causeway:oops:
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