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B&Q Kitchen Sale - 25% off kitchens + free built in appliance (if over £3k)
23° Expired

B&Q Kitchen Sale - 25% off kitchens + free built in appliance (if over £3k)

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23° Expired
B&Q Kitchen Sale - 25% off kitchens + free built in appliance (if over £3k)
Posted 19th Dec 2013Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

We are in the market for a kitchen, the kitchen designer said that the B&Q kitchen sale is due to start on Christmas Eve and will be 25% off the price of the kitchen and if it's over £3000 it will also include an integrated appliance. The free appliance offer is only for 6 days after the sale starts.

We were hoping for a dishwasher, but it wasn't included, I believe washing machine, fridge freezer or oven were the options. He mentioned hotpoint, but I'm not sure if all the appliances are hotpoint.

I hope this helps someone looking for a kitchen soon.
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B&Q are only cost effective if you can fit it yourself. Don't get B&Q to supply the fitter.
Approx 15 years ago, I priced a kitchen from B&Q @ £1800 (I was cheap back then ) - they then quoted another £1500 to fit.
I went to a real kitchen place and got £3000 of kitchen and they only charged £350 to fit it.

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Yep, we are fitting it ourselves. We fitted our previous kitchen (B&Q) and still was great after 10 years (we moved recently), more than happy to get another one.
We've just had a bathroom from B&Q. Never again. Decent stuff but even with only 32 items required to build the bathroom, it's taken them 5 separate deliveries to get the stuff to us.

Thursday we got a confirmation text to say delivery as expected the following day....an hour later a call to say the bath and a cupboard were out of stock and were going to reschedule the whole delivery 5 days later. Convinced them not to as had joiner,plumber etc due on the Monday. Most the stuff gets delivered Friday but just before it arrives gets a call to say a further three items are out of stock. They get delivered Saturday. On the Saturday, another call to say the only thing now outstanding is the shower screen... But that's coming with the bath.

Then on the Tuesday when the bath and cupboard come we get told the door for the cupboard is out of stock. Estimated delivery in January. Ffs, we ordered the stuff three weeks previous and it was all showing in stock.

Staff at B&Q to be fair are ok, it's the muppets at pjh group that have no idea on how to manage/allocate stock that are the issue.

So, if buying a kitchen that will probably have a few hundred individual items (hinges,doors,trays,handles etc are all individually itemised) don't expect it to come at once.

I lost work/pay taking time of work for deliveries and to be in when the tradesmen were in longer than they heeded to be due to items not arriving.
My local told me to wait till after christmas for the sale so if its startrig on the eve i can finish my kitchen over the christmas period
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In fairness purchased several kitchens, and bathrooms never had any problems. Good prices and quality good. Especially the Cooke & lewis range.
When you spend over £350 you get 25% off. But to get the free appliance your total price including discount needs to be over 3k. And with fitting you get 5 years workmanship and 10 years product. Also there is buy now pay later with no deposit, I want to say that it's on all the finance options but can't remember. I'd say to go and book your appointments and get all plans done and then get re quoted when it starts, as you will be waiting for a couple of days to get a designer.

There is also some amazing deals In store only, like 3 piece bedroom furniture, ovens washing machines etc.

Hope this helps.

Il try and answer anyone's questions

B&Q employee
I would just like to echo an earlier comment on B and Q deliveries and customer service.

They'll be the cheapest, but deliveries have been a total nightmare for me. I've dialled 4 separate numbers and spent hours on the phone, still waiting for a piece which i've now been advised will arrive in the new year.

My advice is get a written commitment on availability of stock and coherence of all deliveries at point of purchase.
We took up the deal with discount and free appliance. We were told that the free appliance (a built in cooked) was brushed stainless steel. We bought everything in the kitchen to match that only to have a mirrored glass oven supplied. B&Q are refusing to take it back and supply the oven we were expecting! Their advice is to sell the oven we have and put the money towards a new one! We are now in our 4th week of no oven and with two small children its a nightmare. Be very careful what you order from these people. We have no spare cash and it seems no where to turn. We have waited 8 years to be able to get a new kitchen and B&Q have left me devastated.
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