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Posted 8 September 2023

La Hacienda Cuba Cast iron & steel Chiminea, W/voucher Free C&C

£6 from United Kingdom ·
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  1. Cyb's avatar
    I have bought one! now can someone tell me what it's for?

    Edit: £6 chimnea cover here at Argos argos.co.uk/bro…86/ (edited)
    Sociable7's avatar
    To warm up the globe
  2. Darren_22's avatar
    These are super thin tin and I can see them get burned though in no time at all.
    freakstyler's avatar
    Bought this a few weeks back, the chimney part is thin metal but the burner compartment is thick and heavy.
  3. simonspeakeasy's avatar
    I have 4 of these in my holday lets and they are pretty robust. The steel mesh door rusts out pretty fast (within 2 years) but the rest is cast iron. The other bit which fails is the door latch. My oldest one is close to 10 years old and still going strong.
    Cyb's avatar
    > in my holday lets

    Found the rich guy!
  4. PaulandPam's avatar
    I had one of these for about 15 years but stupidly left it in a previous house after moving.
    Bought a new one yesterday and just like the previous one I've spray painted it it with ultra high temperature Matt black stove paint, the last one I had was still perfect after all the years of use so this new one has many years ahead. (edited)
    Whiteside's avatar
    These are dead on and especially for this price. No one in my family will sit outside at night though so pointless for me. Too many creepy crawlies, moths etc apparently…. lol.
  5. Korg7's avatar
    Where is the best place to get wood? I've had a look, and it's almost an arm & leg for some wood!

    I've never had one of these, or a fire pit before. Can someone let me know the most cost effective way to use this?

    Where is the best place to get wood? I've had a look, and it's almost an arm & leg for some wood!

    I've never had one of these, or a fire pit before. Can someone let me know the most cost effective way to use this? (edited)
    A57ton's avatar
    Careful with anything that’s been chemically treated if you’re using ‘used’ wood.
  6. SquirrelMummy85's avatar
    Bought one, thank you
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Your children are SQUIRRELS?
  7. SPLE22's avatar
    I know a pretty large family who use this congregating around it smoking cigars. It's a bit weird.
    hukdbargain's avatar
    Sounds like you're the weird one spying and then posting about them on the internet. (edited)
  8. Almighty.Dirk's avatar
    Thanks OP, just in time for the thunder storm ⚡🌩️☔
  9. JDUK2020's avatar
    Many Thanks for posting. Far more substantial than a previous one I had. Solid base and yes a tinny chimney but thats pretty normal and at £27 its a steal.
  10. joannebuk's avatar
    Thanks just ordered 
  11. PIW1965's avatar
    £21.60 after my staff discount. Happy days. £120 at start of year. Selling fast everywhere now so be quick guys…:)
    blazons's avatar
  12. Bagarag's avatar
    Ordered thanks
  13. Lizard99's avatar
    Thanks just ordered
  14. fossit's avatar
    Thanks, ordered and it’s coming tomorrow
  15. oscarita's avatar
    Thanks for posting
  16. jonahj's avatar
    Many thanks for posting
  17. robbiet's avatar
    Is there an easy way to see all items included in the savemore voucher? Thanks.
    gimmeabargain's avatar
    Yes click on the wee button on the chininea page that says view items included in offer or summit like that, there’s not a lot. Like 5-6 items.
  18. HaiderIQ's avatar
    Thanks for sharing, got it for £23.10 using my tradepoint card and 5% from gift voucher
    gimmeabargain's avatar
    So can I ask what website did you go on to do that, tradepoint or diy.com. And where was the gift voucher for? I get discounted gift cards through work for B&Q but wasn’t sure if I could use one of those on tradepoint.
  19. Bensafc's avatar
    Picked mine up today
    Rousetika's avatar
  20. twinkle_wild's avatar
    Had one of these outside in all weathers for about 15 years. Still serviceable. Paid around this price in homebase back then. I'd say this is a great deal.
    t0022's avatar
    Did you ever use it during winter?
  21. Rousetika's avatar
    Ordered to replace my 10 year old one, bargain!
  22. Simon_Wright's avatar
    Got to the confirm and pay page... Can't see where to put the code tho?
  23. GrumpyJo's avatar
    Other comments read true. Door rusts pretty quick and the inside rack buckles pretty quickly too but it's been going strong for a few years and to be honest, I would buy this again and at this price, I might just get it anyway 😄
    Cyb's avatar
    What can we do to protect the door from rust?
  24. 1884's avatar
    Chimney rots, cast bottom bowl lasts for years
  25. Mattie7777's avatar
    Just ordered for collection, any idea how big the box is? Just trying to work out if it will fit in the boot.

    bargainbill's avatar
    It’s pretty small, maybe 40x40x40cm
  26. HUKDTony's avatar
    Got this, it's great for the price.
  27. MIDURIX's avatar
    I bought one like this and it lasted two or three years before everything which wasn't castiron had pretty much gone, replaced it with a castiron one and after nearly 10 years all that gone is the mesh on the door.
  28. Muggy768's avatar
    Do these prevent all that smokey smell going into your clothes? I had a rudimentary open fire pit (basically a big old wok) but the smell of the smoke would go into clothes, hair etc, I would stink of it.
    Holte_ender's avatar
    Not really. Depends on wind direction however, the chimney isn’t long enough to take the smoke any meaningful distance away.
  29. t0022's avatar
    Can you use these in the winter? Under a covered patio area?
    trebor's avatar
    Might help melt the snow
  30. philireland1's avatar
    Can anyone tell me what else this works for???
  31. robby-99's avatar
    I'd get one but can't afford the wood to burn in it.
  32. Chrissybh0y's avatar
    Use once and you’ll get a new rust colour
  33. Noddydog's avatar
    But do you really need one, really? You bought the open fire pit and the gas patio heater. How many other ways do you need to keep warm in a heatwave?
    KaptonK's avatar
    Heatwaves never last.... The long long winter of Scotland does last though
  34. SaymynameSaymyname's avatar
    Reading peoples comments regarding rust after using it. Anyone tried to rub some oil on it to help?
  35. mluton's avatar
    All I read was hacienda club, woop, woop
  36. A57ton's avatar
    I got the smaller version which is cheap pressed tin at the weekend for £35. I’d be annoyed, however I grabbed 10x 3kg bags of the non-wood charcoal for £10 which evened things out
  37. GenuWhine's avatar
    Would this be ok for burning paperwork without massive smoke plumes blowing everywhere? (edited)
    bargainbill's avatar
    Anything you burn is going to generate smoke. If you want less smoke you want to burn hot and you want to make sure you have lots of air (oxygen) able to surround the burning object.

    It will limit the amount that blows away for sure.
  38. Ardennes1944's avatar
    Was anyone able to use a B&Q £5 off voucher too with the discount code?
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