B&Q Torq 3 piece Lifting Set - half price £14.98 @ B&Q

B&Q Torq 3 piece Lifting Set - half price £14.98 @ B&Q

Found 16th Mar 2011
Was in B&Q Hackney today, picked up one of these 2 tonne trolley jack sets which was down to £14.98 from £29.99.

Decent price for trolley jack + 2 wheel chocks + 2 jacks all in a tough plastic carry case.


Height (cm): 16
Length (cm): 52
Width (cm): 29.5
Brand: Torq
Colour: Yellow
Model No.: T820033/T42004BS/TRF3553
Material: Steel
Category: Trolley & Car Jacks
Finish: Heating coating

additional information

* Minimum height of 275mm, maximum height of 365mm
* Foldable axle stand 2000kg/pair
* Lifting range: 140-340mm
* Includes wheel chock for safety
* Includes 2 ton trolley jack

They had 20 left on the shelf at Hackney and 10 at Watford when I checked.


I reserved this last time someone posted it, then recieved a phone call the next morning before I picked it up saying that it had been sold, but that they would collect one from another store and have it for me the next day.

I got a phone call the next day saying that the other store had sold my reservation.

Moral, don't expect your reservation to actually be there, but nice if you manage to find one.

Posted a couple of weeks ago here.

Picked one up myself, very good set for the price.

I got one of these two weeks back for the same price. Good deal but when I used the jack the other day I could not get it any higher than the first notch on the axle stands which was a right pain in the a***. Still worth it though.

Great price, paid more than that just for the jack from Halfords.
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