Brabantia 50Ltr Touch Bin £53.97 @ amazon

Brabantia 50Ltr Touch Bin £53.97 @ amazon

Found 11th Sep 2006
'Bin' Looking for one of these for a while now and the average price on eBay (incl. Postage is about £80). £53.97 is therefore a good deal and qualifies for free postage too.

It's also available in brushed steel at the same price.

Product Features: Apply slight pressure and the lid opens silently - no more clattering! * Extra large opening lets you empty a dustpan without spilling! * Easy to use: bin liners are easy to change and invisible when fitted * Corrosion resistant * Robust round body made of high-grade chromium-steel, brushed stainless steel or steel plate with Galfan coating * Dampened lid hinge * Extra large opening * Sturdy hand grips * Protective plastic base * Matching 'SmartFix' bin liners 50 litre available * 10 year guarantee


Hi Danny - welome to HUKD AND thanks for your first post.

I've added the price and retailer to the thread title, and a picture to your post. These should be included in most threads.

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Available at Robert Dyas for £49.99 (with an extra 20% off when you sign up & make your 1st order before sept 30th - someone correct me if i'm wrong).

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Cool, thanks - I've been using HotUKdeals for the last couple of weeks and thought it's a bout time I submitted my own.

BALLS! how can 2 mins make such a difference! put in my flipping cc details and.....its gone!

"We are sorry but this item is currently out of stock. If you require further assistance, please contact Customer Services on 0845 450 3004"

Hi For anyone with a Costco card they have this on special this week.
There is an £8 off voucher in the passport book making the Bin £46.99 inc VAT
You also get a free 3Ltr Pedalette.

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I'm not sure about the Costco one, but online, you need to be careful which colour you buy. The metallic grey I think, is generally a little cheaper than the 'brilliant steel' or 'matt steel'. Not sure why though.

yay two newbies! (I've been here what....five days myself? dunno if I've earned the right to call other peeps newbies yet ;-) )

HELLO danny & cralittle! Welcome and big hugs to ya!!

Danny - good post! Since my lovely idea of scoring the Brabantia at Bob Dyas's has now fizzled into nothing I'm gonna go for your nice little deal

Cralittle - yikes, I haven't yet got my head around is costco! No don't answer that! It sounds like a fab tip nonetheless and I'm sure lots of costco peeps will make use of it, especially as you get a cutely named 'pedalette' (I've never heard it called that before! :-D love it!)

These are available at lots of cash n carry type places for 50 quid or less. Makro have them in at the moment for less.
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