Brabantia 60L Touch Bin £69.97 on Amazon Black Friday deal

Brabantia 60L Touch Bin £69.97 on Amazon Black Friday deal

Found 25th Nov 2016
This was cheap last year as well I think, I bought the 30L but I wish I'd got the larger bin instead.

This is the Matt Steel Fingerprint proof one, the other two cheap ones are the Red one and the "Brilliant steel with Matt Black lid"
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I've got this bin, managed to get it from Amazon Warehouse crazily cheap, sturdily made, rustproof, you don't realise how useful the touch lid is till you have it - love it to bits

Got these replacement liners as the Brabantia ones are so expensive - not tried yet - does anyone have any alternatives they can recommend?…642
Brilliant Steel With Matt Black Lid is £64.99 - Brilliant Red is £67.50, so even cheaper
My 7 year old touch lid gave up so I ordered a free replacement, it is the new style catch and so far I have had 3 shipped out all with a different fault out the box in the last 10 day. I guess the quality is no longer a selling point as I wait for the 4th lid!
just ordered the red.

can you just not use standard bin bags.


just ordered the red.thankscan you just not use standard bin bags.

Of course you can use normal bin bags, it's finding ones that are the right size and tough enough, in bulk, I was thinking of. Any suggestions would be welcome. The Brabantia ones have a handy tie-top, very roomy and are really strong.
Since the bin is quite large, you'll overfill it with smaller thin bin bags. So get those bigger ones that are stronger, but of course cost more.
I got this bin and prefer my old cheap £15 flip lid bin at Argos instead. I just didn't find the touch lid convenient.
This Morphy Richards Sensor Bin (50L) looks good for £22 - though I have read of people moaning about the sensor bin being a bit too over sensitive for their liking (can't really comment as I haven't tried one!)…350
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