Brabantia Bins from £29.16 (red) at  Amazon

Brabantia Bins from £29.16 (red) at Amazon

Found 15th Dec 2015
Various flip bin lids (new design?)
Cheap prices for black, red, pink and silver
I have the older version - great product

Flip open lid with smooth operation features to ensure the lid doesn’t hit the wall when opened
Made from stainless steel with a plastic lid and protective rim base that ensures no damage to the floor
Bin Liners: G
Brabantia 10 year guarantee
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Top Brabanter
Deal. If I didn't just recently buy a simple human bin I would have bought this
it's never bin this cheap!
"protective rim " frarrr!
Great Price! Take a look
Just ordered a red one.

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Great price for a top quality product, one of ours (which was bought on Amazon 8 years ago) recently developed a fault and the whole lid was replaced free of charge.

No issues, no problems - fantastic service.

At a price like this its a bargain.

Good spot tbeno123.
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Another one
Ordered thanks
Also 4 for the price of 3.
Agree with above comment, customer service is excellent, I needed a plastic cover for the catch mechanism and they sent a complete new lid - bin was probably at least 9 years old.
Only the red available at the deal price?
£75 at John Lewis!
Wheres yer bin. I've bin to bed where's you bin
Grabbed the black bin. Great price. Ideally would of liked the silver though but price is a lot higher
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Pink is £31.66 also
Grey brabantia 30L pedal bin £29.99…_12?qid=1450224020&sr=8-12π=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=brabantia+bin+40+litre

Grey brabantia 30L pedal bin … Grey brabantia 30L pedal bin £29.99

Seems foot pedal operated...
Cold. Apple server

Hot BTW. And I'm not an apple hater either, but totally looks likes an Apple server.
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Can't understand why paying almost 30 quid for a bin is a good deal? Always seems the addition of a lid to a cylinder adds 25 quid to the price!
£75 odd now, for all colour variants
Expire please, back to full price
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