Brahma - Buy 4 bottles get 4 free - £4.49 @ Co-op
Brahma - Buy 4 bottles get 4 free - £4.49 @ Co-op

Brahma - Buy 4 bottles get 4 free - £4.49 @ Co-op

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this is back

credit to Chrisdf for posting in the first place


its a deal, its a steal, its the sale of tha F****N century, in fact f*** it i think i'll keep it meself

And the bottle looks huge!! (Or she's really small)!!

Does the lady come with the bottle?

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Does the lady come with the bottle?

forget the bottle the lady would do me fine :w00t:

That's got to be the lady with the rather large rear again surly.


I thought Seemore Butts was a fella?

Its a shame she doesn't come with it otherwise you'd be getting 5 bottles free.:whistling:

Maybe you need to collect coupons to send away for that rather fine lady?

Is this just getting heat for the picture?

Uma das melhores cervejas Brasileiras

Love this beer


She's got a fat ****, cold lol. Just kidding but her bum is MASSIVE and she looks like a moody cow lol

mmmmmmmmmm moody cow

She and the beer are [COLOR="Lime"]brazi[/COLOR][COLOR="Orange"]lian! [/COLOR]in Brazil is normal to use "big **** girls" on adds =p

Good stuff, seems to be a regular offer in the co-op

Well I am glad the thread has descended into whether or not the girl is suitable to promote the product due to the size of her bottom.

Well this is nice beer and a bargain at 50p a bottle have some heat.

Oh she looks a Brahma alright...Beer looks good too..:thumbsup:

Picked some up earlier, even in the tiny little Co-Op near me. Nice find!

That is perfection in my book!
What's the beer like?


mmmmmmmmmm moody cow

With an **** that size any girl would be moody.;-)

this aint brazilian its brewed in the uk


this aint brazilian its brewed in the uk

How can you tell it's not Brazilian? She's facing the wrong way :whistling:

The beer is originally frm Brazil bt its brewed in the Uk!
Tastes completely different frm the one brewed in brzl =x
with a bum like that, she must b brazilian!

Nice advert...


Nice beer, nice price, and who doesn't like slightly grumpy looking ladies with some booty. All girls seem to get grumpy and fat after spending a couple of years with me, at least this lass makes it look good :thumbsup:

Can I ask. . . Do you work for the Co-op?

loove the pic (girl)... have never tried the beer!!!

I would love to eat her ass.

When did a fat ass become a ghetto booty?


I would love to eat her ass.


Is this really such a great deal? I'm guessing some of this heat is for that fine behind. I haven't tasted this beer before, but its supposed to be pretty good so I may pick some up

Its 330ml bottles:viking:

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Can I ask. . . Do you work for the Co-op?

why? :-D

They were on the shelf but priced at 4.49p for 4.

Took them to the cashier and he stated that they were BOGOF. Great 8 for 4.50. Its 4.50 and not 4.49 at my store. Thanks

have some heat just for the picture, couldn't give a damn about the beer
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