Braid (PC) for £9.99 @ Steam
Braid (PC) for £9.99 @ Steam

Braid (PC) for £9.99 @ Steam

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This is meant to be a good game, but personally I am going to wait for a sale. Just thought I'd post in case anyone else has been waiting for its UK release.

Product description
Braid is a puzzle-platformer, drawn in a painterly style, where you can manipulate the flow of time in strange and unusual ways. From a house in the city, journey to a series of worlds and solve puzzles to rescue an abducted princess. In each world, you have a different power to affect the way time behaves, and it is time's strangeness that creates the puzzles. The time behaviors include: the ability to rewind, objects that are immune to being rewound, time that is tied to space, parallel realities, time dilation, and perhaps more.
Braid treats your time and attention as precious; there is no filler in this game. Every puzzle shows you something new and interesting about the game world.
Key features:
- Forgiving yet challenging gameplay: Braid is a 2-D platform game where you can never die and never lose. Despite this, Braid is challenging but the challenge is about solving puzzles, rather than forcing you to replay tricky jumps.
- Rich puzzle environment: Travel through a series of worlds searching for puzzle pieces, then solving puzzles by manipulating time: rewinding, creating parallel universes, setting up pockets of dilated time. The gameplay feels fresh and new; the puzzles are meant to inspire new ways of thinking.
- Aesthetic design: A painterly art style and lush, organic soundtrack complement the unique gameplay.
- Nonlinear story: A nonlinear fiction links the various worlds and provides real-world metaphors for your time manipulations; in turn, your time manipulations are projections of the real-world themes into playful "what-if" universes where consequences can be explored.
- Nonlinear gameplay: The game doesn't force you to solve puzzles in order to proceed. If you can't figure something out, just play onward and return to that puzzle later.


Its a very strange game. Simply breathtaking visuals but the gameplay is a bit of an acquired taste... as it can be a bit frustrating. Definitely somehting to check out...

I think it is a brilliant and unique puzzler, i have it on the 360

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Glad to hear it is good. I have a few games waiting to be played though, so I think I'll just wait and see for this one.


I think it is a brilliant and unique puzzler, i have it on the 360

Ditto and agreed, but ten quid? That's a lot for a few levels.

I thought this was a superb game, and I don't play many puzzlers any more. The graphics are great, and the puzzles make your brain bleed out of your ears, reducing you to a sobbing wreck. It has a great ending stage too, just don't expect the story to make a load of sense...

I don't think it's an acquired taste to be honest, good and very original time- warping platform puzzler - it is bloody hard though. Gameplay lasts about 3 - 5 hours I guess, longer if you can't solve the levels. Zero Punctuation probably reviews it better than me: ]Braid Review.

It turns out that the pc & mac versions have a hidden level editor: escapistmagazine.com/new…tor

Braid on PC and Mac Contains Level EditorKeane Ng posted on 15 Apr 2009 … Braid on PC and Mac Contains Level EditorKeane Ng posted on 15 Apr 2009 0:31 amFiled under: keane ng, braid, jonathan blow, level editorHidden in the PC and Mac versions of Braid is a fully-featured level editor that will let aspiring Jonathan Blows create their own Braid levels, and, potentially, full games.Do you want to be like Jonathan Blow? Innovative, successful, intelligent, outspoken, bald? You can give it your best shot with the PC and Mac versions of Blow's seminal time manipulation-centric puzzle platformer, Braid, which contains a hidden level editor with some pretty powerful tools.Blow hasn't publicized the editor at all, but some intrepid Steam users discovered evidence of the tool inside the recently released PC version of the game. All you need to do to access it is run Braid with a "-editor" parameter and then hit F11 when you're in game, and voila, you can start putting together your own trippy levels in no time. I'm going to fill mine with that dinosaur that showed up in that one stage and made the Mario reference.But wait, how does this thing even work? It seems pretty complicated, and I'm no good with computer. Luckily, Blow didn't just stick the tool in his game for users to befuddled by. He's planning on releasing documentation for the editor once he puts "a new version out in a few days that fixes the problems some people are having, and when more people have played/finished the game." "The way it works is you can make levels with the editor (up to a full game, potentially) and run that with -universe later," Blow said, adding that he's planning on releasing a tool that will allow you to import Photoshop files into the editor so that users can add their own graphics.

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