brain assist ds game £4.99 @

brain assist ds game £4.99 @

Found 31st Aug 2008
Re-energise your brain with Brain Assist's 10 colourful mind-teasing mini-games that stimulate your concentration, memory, analysis, instincts and reflexes. In Brain Assist, six nurses with widely varying personalities will guide you through the games and keep track of your best results. A unique new Brain Assist test even allows you and a friend to test the compatibility of your right brains. Get more friends in on the Brain Assist action with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and race through a variety of fast-paced four-player Brain Assist mini-games to see who the true brainiac is!

Brain Assist Features:

Multiplayer Brain Assist battles for up to four gamers: The action ramps up quickly in Brain Assist for a fun challenge using the Nintendo Wireless Connection.
Ability Tracker: A report is generated at the end of each Brain Assist test and high scores and Compatibility Reports can be saved and overridden as Brain Assist players improve.
Touch Screen and stylus technology: With the clock running, get the competitive edge with Brain Assist's use of stylus and Touch Screen technology.
Unlockable Brain Assist Icons: As you clear rounds, unlock 14 icons to personalise your Brain Assist game.


Apparently not a bad game, so hot.

Gamerankings ranks this in at 54%

After getting kazook which was similarly badly rated,
I'd prefer not to buy poorly rated games no matter how cheap it may be

£2.99 at comet. I bought it on friday!!



£2.99 at comet. I bought it on friday!!

maybe you need to post it as a deal, excellant price as a stocking filler :thumbsup:
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