Brain Training £9 @ Tesco Entertainment

Brain Training £9 @ Tesco Entertainment

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Found 29th Nov 2009
Players can give their brain a workout with Brain Training, designed to help improve intellect using a collection of mini mind teasers.

Renowned Japanese professor Dr. Kawashima has helped Nintendo to create this portable training title, which uses a number of mind mini-games to raise a players brain age - Brain Trainings way of measuring intelligence. The older a players brain age, the more work is left to be done.

Mini-games include the Stroop test, which will ask players to say a colour into the DS microphone (and is tougher than it sounds), Word Memory, a memory test that asks players to remember 30 complex words in order, and Calculations X20, which gives the player 20 mathematical questions to answer as quickly as possible. Sudoku also makes an appearance, and can be played using the DS touch screen.

Much like Nintendos other training title Wii Fit, Brain Training has been designed to be played on a regular basis. Those who give their trigger fingers a rest and keep up with the training should start to see improvement. Nintendo seems destined to turn all gamers into super-fit, intelligent fanatics before long.


Now it's a good price - shopto is £12.95 now!
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