Bramble jam reduced to 19p at asda

Bramble jam reduced to 19p at asda

Found 8th Sep 2016Made hot 9th Sep 2016
Chosen by you bramble jam reduced to 19p on shelf edge at asda warrington, can comment on taste as haven't tried it yet, also Robinson's squeezy Strawberry jam down to 93p


Will be on this like a shark on a baby seal if I find some. I've turned all my blackberries this year into wine after I did some last year and it was gorgeous, even straight after brewing. Blackberries are the best of all the berries. Not those horrid big things in plastic boxes from Portugal - the ones you've scratched off most of your forearms for while walking along the canal.

Though picking them isn't as idyllic as it used to be. Genuinely somebody from a car shouted "F*ck off you Polish b&stard!" at me when I was out picking them. I like to think I can do impressions but this was a first.

Blackberry jam you mean. I was told what bramble jelly and jam was by a Northerner in Cambridge!
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