Brand new fun iPhone game "Pinch" for 59p limited time only!!!!

Brand new fun iPhone game "Pinch" for 59p limited time only!!!!

Found 14th May 2010
I downloaded this new game "Pinch" this morning and found it to be an absolute bargain for the price. See some reviews and the brief below:…010…ew/

Pinch - an innovative puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Using the multi-touch controls of the iPhone, players will take control of the Norbs; tiny nanobots with the sole purpose of conquering the mazes and puzzles which make up their world.

The Norbs can change in size and colour by separating apart and merging with one another. The player achieves this by pinching the screen - a crucial maneuver from which the game derives its namesake. Players will be familiar with performing this action in other iPhone applications, such as Google Maps and Safari.


* Intuitive, enjoyable puzzle-solving in a colourful yet simple package
* Stylised visuals complement purposeful design
* Unique gameplay centred around multi-touch interface
* Suitable for all, from gaming beginners to veterans
* 48 levels on release
* Original music and sound effects from award-winning, talented composers
* Regular updates, new levels and other DLC options
* Openfeint Leaderboards and Achievements


I recommend it to anyone with an iPhone/iPod touch!

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i just tried it and it's really good. I got quite addicted! Thanks for the heads up
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