Brand New Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Black and sim free £256.99 @

Brand New Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Black and sim free £256.99 @

Found 1st Nov 2016
including VAT and Free Delivery

The Microsoft 950 allows you to carry around the power and features of a Window’s desktop in your pocket. Don’t believe me? Hook it up to a monitor, a smart keyboard and mouse – you’ll see for yourself! Yes the incredible 950 XL gives you the best Window’s 10 experience, allowing you to use your Smartphone like a proper computer, both in the palm of your hand and hooked up to a desktop set up. There are no corner-cuts and no phone-friendly compensating; it’s a full high-spec desktop computer, only more compact! Compared to the 950, the Microsoft 950 XL variant is larger with a 5.7" WQHD AMOLED screen and has a 3,340mAh battery. The Lumia 950 XL is also a bit more powerful with a Snapdragon 810 chipset and packs 3GB of RAM. The phone also shares the same 20MP camera with ZEISS optics and triple LED flash as the Lumia 950.
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would prefer windows 7 on it
You can't run Native Win32 apps on this phone so it's not a full desktop replacement and will never be
(only Universal Windows Phone Apps will run so no .exe's like on a regular PC)
Edited by: "plap" 1st Nov 2016
Looks like the price has gone up to £319.99

Looks like the price has gone up to £319.99

​d'oh! tempting at £256.99, really tempting
does that mean you can run an android emulator on it? wish it was still £260
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