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Brand New Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI SE Euro 6 (s/s) 5dr £17,000 at Auto Trader / Seller Hayselden Skoda

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This car comes with
17in Alloy Wheels - Braga
3-Spoke Leather Multi-Function Steering Wheel
Alarm with SAFE Function for Central Locking
Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
Basic LED Headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights
Black Roof Rails
Cruise Control
Lane Assistant
Light and Rain Sensors
Manual Air Conditioning with Pollen Filter
Rear LED Lights - Low Functionality
Rear Parking Sensors
Side Airbags in Front with Curtain Airbags
TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Wireless Smartlink for Apple CarPlay
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    I have this on lease, I thought it would feel underpowered but it's surprisingly acceptable. This version doesn't have automatic boot, no charging port for dash cam and android auto and airplay is very unreliable, it's weird as the almost same car (tcross) was perfect with android auto but this fails 1/3rd of the time and required a hard reset, so annoying. Also something about the shape of the car gives me more trouble maneuvering than any other car I've driven. It isn't a big car but it seems to turn slowly and I find it hard to judge the bumper length, that would probably be solved with parking sensors or more practice I guess. Can't grumble at the price though
    Unfortunately people don't understand modern engines and how TSI block works, Its more than capable.
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    1l engine taking you from 0-60.... hopefully
    Never going to have the torque however these little 1 litre tsi's (albeit the 90bhp variant) can be more than capable and believe it or not people actually tuning those little blocks to around 200 bhp fairly easily.
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    when I was looking at a new compact SUV for my mother last year the kamiq was one of the better rated ones along with the karoq IIRC - best was the Volvo XC40 IIRC

    if you dont mind the bland looks & small engine then its looks like good value for money at that price & post covid

    my mother ended up getting another renault in the end though as she liked the convenience of just having to deal with the local renault garage again & she also liked the saleman she talked too (Im shaking my head right now)

    At least I managed to get a decent discount by going in armed with car broker quotes i'd printed off the internet - the car broker qoutes were lower prices than the dealer qoutes you get from the likes of carwow & whatcar (edited)
    We’ve got an XC40 Recharge Pure Electric - genuinely the best car I’ve had for practicability, style and usability. Absolutely love it.

    I’ve owned a Skoda Octavia vRS, Nissan Qashqai, and a Kia Sportage - the XC40 is easily the best car I’ve driven. The Qashqai and Sportage were top level trim(s) too, and the kit/gear is comparable to the entry level (and mid level for some) XC40 for the most part.

    I did look at the Skoda Karoq, which I’d probably choose over the Kamiq in terms of boot space/size. (edited)
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    Shrikflation seems to be applying to car engines also.....10 eggs instead of 12 same box same price, now you get 1l engine instead of 2l same price...I'd rather walk than pay 17k for a 1l engine (edited)
    I love these kind of comments, just shows how little of an idea these people have about how modern engines work lol

    Maybe go to the states and buy a 6 litre that can barely move?
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    I have this exact model. Came from a fabia estate and surprisingly this car feels bigger. I have a mobile catering business and can fit more in this car than I ever could in the fabia estate. Also never have a problem with a heavy load. Rear leg room is insanely good too. Great car.
    Would you recommend the switch from the fabia estate? That's what I currently have.
    Any problems with the infotainment system?
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    Looks a big car for a 1L
    Read the threads above. It's fine.
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    1.8l or 2l 180ish bhp and it would be a decent car otherwise no thanks...
    Just maybe this isn't a car aimed at people like you?
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    This is a great deal if you want this car. I never understand all the negative comments from people that have probably never driven these new engines. I have a 1.0 three cylinder SUV that has more power than my 1993 XR2i that was considered a hot hatch! Vote on the price not on the engine. You don't have to buy it!
    I rather afraid literally every single car deal posted here descends into people either explaining how they have a fifteen year old BMW that's been brilliant since they bought it second hand for three grand five years ago and would be a much better buy, or a load of petrol heads who imagine engine size is somehow indicative of something.
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    Almost sensible prices again, though I question 94 bhp for a relatively large car
    We have a VW up! And it's a small car and struggles if more than one on board.
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    I'd rather buy a better 2nd hand car than this. Nothing worse than driving a gutless poverty spec car - I'm talking from experience, had rubbish company cars for 15 years, not through choice.
    Fine, or you could end up with a second hand car that's a money pit. You could apply this argument to pretty much any tech deal posted here, but it's surely not relevant to whether this is a good deal as a new car. (edited)
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    And I had a 1 litre engine in my last Octavia. And it was just fine. What is this obsession with the size of your engine?
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    Test drive a used Ford Focus first, then this. There’s a world of difference, with the impact of Ford’s excellent chassis engineers being very obvious imho. Difficult to like the looks of the Kamiq too.
    Hardly a comparison different segment and new v used, which when new is £10k more.

    I could argue get a used 3 series over a focus, but Id also be wrong as people buying a 1 litre SUV are not going to be throwing it around a corner for giggles so chassis dynamics are not the key requirement. (edited)
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    It depends on what you do with a car, I used to do 25k a year to work, but now I do 5k a year locally, so I've ditched the 2,2 diesel Lexus and we've kept the 1ltr petrol Toyota.
    Very little passes me and if they do they'll be well over the national speed limit.
    If I had to do 25k a year again I'd be back in a big diesel.
    2.2L Diesel Lexus Ugh wrong engine on that mate. MPG was disaster level mid 30s MPG and 6th gear was useless anyway guess you already know that. The 2.5L petrol was the one to have. (edited)
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    Going to enquire on this - i've had several 1l cars now and I don't understand why people want more powerful cars, for day to day driving in the flat lands of Cambridgeshire (on mostly A roads) I have no trouble.

    Wife has just got rid of her Renault Kadjar (terrible) so I think this will be an improvement.
    I drive a 300+ BHP Clubsport and a 420bhp Porsche. I went to buy my brothers 1.0 DSG Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo for him and drove it back 150miles. i can honestly say apart from initial move off you'd easily believe that it could be a 1.6. for most people a vw group 1.0 would be more than enough. It was totally happy sitting on the mway at 70mph. Anyone who tries to criticise the vw group 1.0 i can 100% tell you hasnt a clue what theyre on about and has never driven one. They just want to complain complain complain for the sake of it online. (edited)
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    Comes with a steering wheel. Useful
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    Huge fan of Skoda, but I agree with most of the comments about this car. For 17k buy an out of lease 3 year old car which will be far superior to this.
    Skoda Superb 2L 2020 plate cheaper
    There's not a 2020 Superb under £19k on Autotrader in the whole country. Not really the same market as a Kamiq either.

    I get your point though. For £17k, I'd personally much rather have a 1 year old top spec Fabia like this:

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    Just read this bit
    So its 6k from skoda. Thats still decent. Depends what interest rate is. But if you need a car right now this is a very good price.
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    I have one of these but with the 115 engine, power is totally fine for this type of car, i have a sports car with over 3x the power of this which is great fun, but as a family car and using to commute this is fine. Its the electric cars running low on electricity on the motorway that are commenting about the 1litre . Have 18 months left on my lease and will most likely be getting a 1 litre turbo car after this one.
    Also why are lease deals not posted on here anymore!? Have had 3-4 lease cars just using this to get good deals otherwise its searching for a needle in a haystack!
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    95hp car only has 5-speed. Better going for the 110hp engine as that has 6-speed box.
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    Road tax £190 year for a 1L engine
    Why so expensive?
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    Came here for the ‘it’s only a 1ltr’ comments from the middle-aged, boy racer brigade who still feel the need to try to rag other cars off at traffic lights. Wasn’t disappointed
    how dare people enjoy different things!
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    1l och
    Seriously, engine tech has rather moved on since 1978.
  23. Avatar
    Torn between this and the 56k beemer
    Go for Fisher Price they have some deals on atm.
  24. Avatar
    What other new car would you recomnend at this price that isn't garbage?
  25. Avatar
    Buy a second hand milk Float! It will cost less, breakdown less, go faster and you get free ice cold air conditioning all year round 😁

    Wait for it!... Here comes the comments (edited)
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    How has this been voted hot?!! It's going to be worth nothing very fast.
    Which is fine if you want a cheap car and are not a badge snob.
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    Helluva deal, one of the better looking SUV's.
  28. Avatar
    The longevity of a 1 litre engine in a car this size would be questionable
    You're worried about the longevity of a modern day engine. This engine will go for 15 yesr plus with no problems.
  29. Avatar
    Good price but worry about the residual value of these cars. it's a big car small engine and probably most it's power coming from it's turbo. in 8 years times like the old fsi engines, issues with timing chain stretch and other engine related issues will makes these cars worthless
    Yep. Junk
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    We've got a 2019 1L Civic and my Dad has a 2019 1L Stonic - both engines more than comfortable and pull fine. This Skoda will defo have enough power. These new 1L engines are alot more powerful than some may believe on here.
  31. Avatar
    It's the low torque not bhp you should be concerned about in this lump. A 1 litre engine is rediculous for this no matter how much you rev the nuts off it. Resell value will be pits as no one will touch a used 1 litre engine in something this size as it will most likely be knackered.
    It's a Fabia on stilts. 1.0 is fine
  32. Avatar
    It's basically Fabia sized so 1.0 is adequate
    False. I have this exact model and colour, it’s bigger than the fabia estate, which I previously owned before the kamiq.
  33. Avatar
    SUV with 1l engine should be illegal 🤭
    So should braindead comments
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    Next step will be to remove engine completely and you will be asked to pedal or row to recharge battery to start moving. You will have your mother-in-law to row for entire night for you to drive 10 miles around the town. 
  35. Avatar
    3 of these or 8 series from the other post... decisions decisions
    8 series… you don’t want three of the sand car
  36. Avatar
    I have an SE model. I'm not sure the issue with the 1L engine, the fuel economy is decent and I've never found it too slow when pulling away. It's roomy enough inside with 2 kids and a big dog and the build quality in the interior is good, much better than the Seat equivalent my brother has. My lease is up in a year and I'd happily get one again, I think you'd be very hard pressed to find a better value for money car.
    Which BHP version of the 1.0l engine?
  37. Avatar
    1L you’re better off trying to paddle a kayak on tarmac
    Why when the speed limit is 70?
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    Got one of these on 2 year lease a couple of years ago…. Thankfully I had the option of changing my mind within the first 30 days so managed to get out of the lease and switched to a Hyundai Kona instead.

    No idea why Skodas get such good reviews, wasn’t impressed with it at all. Even the car I had on lease before it (Vauxhall Mokka) was a much better car.
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    Great value for a brand new car, but my eyes keep being drawn to the heater/fan controls, they look like something out of the 1970's!
    I've 2009 Octavia and it has better controls than this one
  40. Avatar
    Absolute tosh, go for a Daewoo instead of skoda
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