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Brand New Toyota Aygo X 1.0 VVT-i Pure Euro 6 (s/s) 5dr 2022 - £13455 @ Steven Eagell Toyota Oxford / Auto Trader

£13,455£15,65514% off
In store: Oxford · Auto Trader Deals
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This car comes with
17in Alloy Wheels - 5 Double Spoke
3-Spoke Leather Steering Wheel
4.2in Colour Multi-Information Display Screen
7in Toyota Touch Multimedia System
Adaptive Cruise Control Switch on Steering Wheel
Auto Headlights
Bluetooth Connectivity
Daytime Running Lights
Headlights - Halogen
LED Rear Combination Lights
Manual Air Conditioning
Power Back Door
Reversing Camera
Smartphone Integration - Apple Car Play and Android Auto
Traction Control - TRC
Tyre Pressure Warning System
VSC - Vehicle Stability Control
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  1. Avatar
    You can get a couple year old 20k mile A1 for that kind of money
    Audi are nothing like they use to be. Quality and reliability has sadly gone.
  2. Avatar
    Be careful with these
    Quite a few dealers advertise this and then when you call them they've magically sold out and they try up sell you
    Yes you have to take finance for the 1500, I never got round to investigating but because of cooling off periods you should be able to clear the credit immediately unless some small print

    The models up have automatic city braking, which this one doesn't, might be worth the little extra
    Anonymous User
    Arnold Clark did the same with the Ford Puma I was looking at, in the end I bought a Lexus because they're actually solid when it comes to custmer service.
  3. Avatar
    The UK's gone mad, £13.5K for that car and it's going to get a lot of heat, rip off Britain (edited)
    In a post pandemic, post Brexit, high inflation Britain
  4. Avatar
    These look much better in the flesh. Ive just bought one for my son to learn in as mine and the wifes cars are too powerful and automatics. My local dealer almost matched this offer and, yes, you do have to take finance to get the £1500 off but there are no penalties for quickly paying it off. The car is great as a first car. It’s bigger than the old aygo and rides higher so feels bigger than a city car class and almost like the next class up. Kit is great and some good safety features as standard (sign recognition, pre collision detection, lane departure warning, reversing camera) that should help as a first car. Service at toyota and warranty gets extended all the way upto 10 years. Should see him through to end college and uni trouble free! I accept for the same money you can get a 2 year old clio iconic which is a nicer car and I did consider, but thats 2 years old, this is brand new. You pays your money and takes your choice…. (edited)
    Did your father buy you a new car when you were 18 or did you have to learn to work hard to be able to afford expensive consumer goods?
  5. Avatar
    No not for me is it still built by PSA or stellantis or whatever they call themselves now that explains the cheap build quality, personally go for an hyundai i10. Much better feel and quality (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Actually thought it was a misprice on a toy car
  7. Avatar
    Still a lot of money. They are great for what they do at the right price. But that legendary Toyota quality and reliability leads people to think cars like this better are than they are, I did. To drive, they are loud and tinny, and the cost cutting is obvious everywhere you look. A 10 year old Fiesta is a better overall car. (edited)
    You're right, the Fiesta is great if you want something considerably more expensive to run and less reliable.
  8. Avatar
    Prices have gone mad, lets not forget when a brand new Sandero was £5999 on the road, a brand new mk2 Picanto was also that price and with the Government trade in deal at the time £3000 on the road.
    Let’s all forget that There’s no way we will see those prices again. The real problem lies within us, we live in the present with a mind still living in the past
  9. Avatar
    You could buy a house abroad with that money

    [just wanted to continue the trend....]
    you could rugpull
  10. Avatar
    I remember when aygos were about £6k, can’t be that long ago. Madness
    The 2015 face lift started from 13k. The prices on these haven't gone anywhere near as crazy as other cars.
  11. Avatar
    I bought one last week cash the Edge with front parking and mudflaps etc £15003 but not of this seller, rang them its only if you do the finance to get extra £1500.

    It's 0-60 in 9000 seconds, there won't be any mud displaced fast enough by this.
  12. Avatar
    I am Toyota fanboy but on this occasion I would much rather have a Hyundai i10, you get so much for the money and the build quality is much better then this. The i10 look small on the outside but surprisingly (spacious) once you get inside.
  13. Avatar
    Design looks really bad.
  14. Avatar
    Suppose it's a good deal considering the market (which is slowly returning to normal as £ increases in value) but still seems mental paying £13k. I sure as **** wouldn't go 2nd hand Audi or vw as suggested above, as I like only visiting the dealer for its yearly service, but I'm a huge fan of the new dacia models, I'd certainly consider the sandero stepway as an alternative.
  15. Avatar
    Just hired one of these. Beware. Unless you're a miniature human you may struggle to fit in them. I had the seat fully back but still struggled to turn the wheel because my knees were stuck against it. (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Is the pic meant to look like a toy car?
  17. Avatar
    Pathetic! Worth 6k at best.
    Could be on to something there. I recently watched a trade video in which a senior guy at Renault quoted the battery in the new Mégane etech EV costs €4000 to manufacture which represents around 40% of the cost to build the entire car. Apply the maths and you can see the markup that is going on in the industry. Nothing new really, just have to patiently ride this period out or risk losing ££££s (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Each to their own, its not for me...
  19. Avatar
    I've had 2 aygos, both been spot on. Been looking at one of these, would really try to get the model up from this, the edge version, looks tons better and got more kit.
  20. Avatar
    Bargain, new cars in dealers earlier in the year were going for over the asking price. I managed to get a car for brochure price and I was super happy at the time :/ 
  21. Avatar
    The world has gone mad
  22. Avatar
    £13,000+ for this?
  23. Avatar
    Expensive for a toy that...
  24. Avatar
    I know the HDUK narcissists will be on my back here. But if you are genuinely looking for a brand new city car it really is worth your time looking at the newest edition of the Hyundai i10. There are plenty of YouTube review videos all of which are full of praise for the vehicle and it is around the same price bracket as shown here.
  25. Avatar
    reminds me of star wars
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