Posted 29 December 2022

Brand-X Ascend MTB/CX Dropper Post 100m drop (30.9mm or 31.6mm) 2x lever only £49.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles

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bargain, cant recall them being lower, spend another £25.01 an get £10 off CLEAR2022

Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost (100, 125 & 150)Precisely engineered to bring you fast and smooth operation on the trails, the Ascend dropper post will get you into the optimum riding position in a flash. This means you'll be primed for the upcoming terrain so you can attack a climb or descent without having to stop to change your saddle position. Designed for MTB frames with dropper post internal routing, it will give a clean look to your bike too.

Ergonomic Dropper SeatpostThis mountain bike dropper seatpost features an ergonomic remote lever that has been designed to run from where your front shifter normally sits. It's ideally suited for those running a 1x chainring transmission without a front derailleur.

Your bike's frame must have internal dropper post routing for seamless compatibility with this dropper seatpost. To eliminate cable movement/pull, the smooth operating Brand-X Ascend 120mm & 150mm MTB Dropper Seatpost has been cable actuated at the end of the seatpost to deliver consistent performance.

Remotes supplied are suitable for MTB flat bars with a 22.2mm diameter. 1x fits in place of the front shifter on left side and 2x fits perpendicular to the bar beside the grip on either side. For CX bikes that need a 31.8mm bar, this can be found here.

Reasons to Buy:Incredibly fast and smooth operation.
  • Gives you an optimum riding position.
  • Internal cable routing for a clean look.
  • Effortlessly remote operated.
Features:Material: AL7075-T651
  • Diameter: 30.9mm or 31.6mm
  • Size: 410mm or 480mm
  • Length/Travel: 100mm, 120mm or 150mm
  • Cable Length: 1.5m
  • Finish: Sand Blasted and Hard Anodised Black
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Compatibility: Frames with dropper post internal cable routing only
  • Remote Included: Yes, bar mounted shifter style remote lever
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Cable operated
  • Internal routing only
  • Linkage mechanism eliminates any outer cable pull
  • Zero Offset Head type
  • One Piece head/Upper Shaft
  • Micro Adjust clamping mechanism
  • Rider Weight: Min: 50-55kg; Max: 120kg
  • Weight: 550g (without cable and shifter, 31.6mm)
Chain Reaction Cycles More details at Chain Reaction Cycles
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    These are great but the levers are absolutely PANTS, you'll end up spending almost another £50 on a decent lever like I will soon
    What don't you like about it? I e not hadan issue with mine (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Excellent dropper, dunno why there is anything else on the market. What a deal
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    100 mm drop doesn't seem very much.....how do you measure yourself for these things?
    I'm 6ft and I have a 125mm dropper. The post is right down into the frame as far as it will go until it hits the wider outer ring. I imagine if your shorter you'd need 100mm or be on tippy toes with a 125mm. If very tall, you'd want the 150mm.. This being if your riding style wants the post right out the way on those declines. To measure I got my original post as high as I like it for neutral riding and climbs and then worked out the corresponding full drops.
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    Hot. Cheaper than constantly fixing a Reverb
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    These work really well. And great value. I’ve seen them a few places now clearance for £50. Brilliant price. You’ll not beat it
  6. Avatar
    It's been higher. It's been lower. It's a dropper post!
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    Great dropper post. Have them on both my bikes. Not sure if the code is still working though on orders over £75