Brasso £1.00 for 150ml @ Poundland

Brasso £1.00 for 150ml @ Poundland

LocalFound 25th Sep 2015
Get your knockers shining with this stuff!

As has become the norm with many of Poundlands items, this is a slightly smaller size than the usual, being just 150ml whereas many stores stock tins that are 175ml.

But at just a quid, it's about half the price of the slightly larger tins stocked elsewhere
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Knockers and knobs will shine shine shine X)

Heat added

Knockers and knobs will shine shine shine X) Heated

​hehe...made me chuckle!
But will it shine my knockers like it used to do or has it been reformulated.
(My knockers have not been reformulated - just relocated further south)
Nothing like a good old polish
I pound for a polish is cheap
want to see my brass rubbings?
Joy lol lol lol lol
is this any good
If you want to make your old NES carts work properly, this is the stuff to use.
So shine up your buttons with Brasso,
It's only three ha'pence a tin,
You buy it (or nick it) from Woolworths.
But make sure it's got plenty in.
Brasso the majority of folk nowadays don't know what a sweeping brush is (_;) but good buy ta
time to polish up bowls (_;)
Find any Silvo going cheap in the pound shop?
good mixer with gin
Don't give up the day job you budding comedians lol
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