Bratz Movie Starz Movie-Making Set with Sheridan (with working camcorder ) now £17.99 was £79.99

Bratz Movie Starz Movie-Making Set with Sheridan (with working camcorder ) now £17.99 was £79.99

Found 27th Dec 2007
another bratz bargain
movie making set with doll and real camera , was 79 squid now £17.99
this is a real bargain my daughter wanted one of these for xmas but was bit expensive she will get one for her birthday now at this price


This is a very cheap price for a excellent set. I was in woolies earlier and they had it reduced as part of their sale to £49.99!

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its brillaint couldnet belive my eyes wen i saw it
just hope plp dont see this deal who paid full price at xmas xx

Does anybody know if this would be suitable for a ten year olds birthday. I think she would like it but not sure if she is too old for Bratz.

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think she might be a tad old but all kids are diffrent , do you know if she likes bratz if she does this wud be good also this bratz set is aimed at older kids as it comes with camcorder xx

I think she still likes Bratz and she's not an old nine going on 18 if you know what I mean. That's what I thought about the camcorder too. Thanks for that.

In stock at JohnLewis.........£39.99 (£10 squid less than amazon atm)…atz
Im sure theres some vouchers about as well...................................

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wowwwww amazon has hiked the price up to 49 quid the tinkers jope some of you got it for 18 quid like muahhhhhh xx

I already posted this deal last week.

It arrived today.
My daughter loves it.
many thanks

Now showing as £39.97
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