Bratz the movie - free tickets

Bratz the movie - free tickets

Found 24th Jul 2007Made hot 24th Jul 2007
Bratz The Movie tickets up for grabs.

Bratz The Movie is out at cinemas from 17th August, but weve got hundreds of tickets to exclusive preview screenings on Tuesday 7th August at these locations to give away to you lovely people:

Odeon Birmingham * Odeon Cardiff * Odeon Edinburgh Kinnaird Park * Odeon Gateshead * Odeon Glasgow Quay * Odeon Lee Valley * Odeon Leeds/Bradford * Odeon Liverpool London Rd * Odeon Milton Keynes * Odeon Norwich * Odeon Printworks Manchester * Odeon Sheffield * Odeon Southampton * Odeon West Thurrock * Odeon Wimbledon

To claim your pair of free tickets, click here and enter the promotional code BRATZFF and follow the instructions. Theyre available on a first-come, first-served basis, so get your skates on.

ALSO!! if no tickets, try BRATZPZ!
- AadamMoha

- AadamMoha


Gutted none left (as usual) in Gateshead. the daughter can't wait to see this.

oh dear tue 1030 am. at work! ok bratz movie isnt quite up my street either hehehe. voted hot coz there are still tix left, and would be a swell deal if i was a bratz fan like the kids ...

Thanks AadamMoha. Got some for Norwich :thumbsup:
Heat and rep left

cheers got my bratz some tickets...


Thanks AadamMoha. Got some for Norwich :thumbsup:Heat and rep left

Wish I could of got some, lil sis loves bratz, havent tried the odeon yet in Norwich

got 4 at leeds

Got some tix for Thurrock. An early start that day, but great. Thanks op.

Sold out at Manchester as always managed to get some for Leeds, worth the drive my girl loves these, got to do it had the freebies for Transformers the other night for my boy (cool) fairs fair :-D

None left for Sheffield, can't ever seem to get hold of any.
Thanks anyway

None for glasgow either - ah well ye win some ye lose some.......

none left for MK

Great post - voted hot!

Hope people look at the time of this screening before getting the tickets ...its on a Tuesday morning!!! Don't get them unless you will actually use them. ;o)

none left in sunny brum

Thurrock sold out too.

Leeds sold out now !!

Gutted! Didnt even get offered a free preview in the whole of Northern Ireland.:x :x

Norwich gone too, my little sis would have liked this one

Baggieboy I got 2 for Brum, just seeing if any tickets where available anywhere. You can have them if you want, If not 2 tickets in Brum up for grabs.

never near brighton shame would of love to of sen this guess it will come to us soon even if i have to pay

none in Edinburgh...ah well, need to pay now

Try it with PROMO code BRATZPZ
Just got 4 for edinburgh, says under the trailer clip

my lot just told me they dont wanna go if some
[SIZE=2]o[/SIZE]ne wants my tickets for glasgow (4) as they dont usally check the id


Try it with PROMO code BRATZPZ Just got 4 for edinburgh, says under the … Try it with PROMO code BRATZPZ Just got 4 for edinburgh, says under the trailer clip

Thanks sly200sx. Managed to get 4 for sheffield, my niece is thrilled!

Leeds full!:-(

Come on now, jump on the people who missed out with old code

Tahnkyou very much - Just got 4 for Thurrock with the other code:- BRATZPZ:thumbsup:

2 tix for Thurrock if anyone wants. Managed to get Wimbledon instead with the new code.

got some for liverpool, thanks x

Tuesday Morning :giggle: have the school hols started?

have got 4 tickets for cardiff with the BRATZPZ code, thanks.

Thanks just got 2 for Liverpool :thumbsup:

[SIZE=2]Server appears to have died![/SIZE]

I thought parents hated the BRATZ as they sent out the wrong message to young girls?

Cant get tickets as it keeps saying unavailable!


The screening is only at 10.30 am - I am a big kid so won't be able to go as I have to work :-(

Cheers got my tickets. My 7yr old girl is chuffed my 10yr old son not so chuffed! lol

None by me any more, but top find, heat added :-D

Thanks AadamMoha....managed to get 4 for Sheffield!
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