Bratz wallpaper £2 per roll B&Q

Bratz wallpaper £2 per roll B&Q

Found 20th Jun 2008
Went into B&Q yesterday evening and found several childrens wallpapers reduced from £8.93 to £2.00 per roll. I was told that these were end of lines and once sold that was it there would be no i got 7 rolls of Bratz wallpaper for £14 instead of £62.51...thats a saving of £48.51.....check it out if you need to decorate your childs room!!!


cold....sorry but this is store specific. went to my B&Q a few days back and they had a trolley full of wallpapers..... no bratz in there..although there was some tinkerbell ones...

OP might be an idea if u mentioned the store u bought ur paper from and if any were left...or instead if u said B&Q are doing clearance wallpaper for 2 pounds and u managed to pick up bratz.

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Bridlington East Yorks
Scarborough North yorks

Both above stores have the Bratz paper instore...not in a Trolley though...they are on the shelf with a big red reduction sticker

dont need any but hot from me
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