Braun 8500 (New) Professional Care Electric Toothbrush £39.99 @ Shavers
Braun 8500 (New) Professional Care Electric Toothbrush £39.99 @ Shavers

Braun 8500 (New) Professional Care Electric Toothbrush £39.99 @ Shavers

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Retail RRP 99.99

Product Features
Unique 3D Excel Brushing Action: With 40,000 pulsations to loosen plaque and 8,800 oscillations to sweep plaque away, it removes twice as much plaque as a manual toothbrush
A complete oral care system with dentist inspired attachments
1x FlexiSoft Brushhead, surrounds each tooth for a deep clean
1x ProBright Brushheads, special polishing cup to naturally whiten and clean teeth
1x Interdental Cleaners, cleans deep between teeth (includes 10 replaceable mint flavoured picks)
1x Tongue Fresheners, rub tongue to freshen breath
Range of speeds to best meet individual needs
2 minutes timer to ensure professional recommended brushing time
Professional timer indicates 30 second brushing intervals to help brush each area of the mouth
16 hours to full charge via 240V mains


voted hot

LOL they are sold at Amazon by Shavers

Good deal

lol just noticed it

which is best oralB or philips soniccare??

This item is £34.99 at argos (item number: 4430566 ), without the interdental and tongue cleaner.

I voted this cold - although its a great tooth brush - and I have the DL version which came with about 7 or 8 heads.

It was under 23 quid from Sainsbury's at Christmas - and I was looking to buy a Oral-B 7000 which was 20 quid - but with all the heads included the 8500 DL was a better buy for an extra three quid, especially considering the specs say the 8500 battery lasts far longer.

As I said - its a great brush - but its bad points are...

It takes AGES to fully charge the first time - well over 36 hours - and I bought three in total - and all took that long.

It flashes with a bright blue light while charging - but the flashing light stops sometimes before an entire charge - so sometimes you will look at it and think it has charged quite quickly - but then will run out of power on the first or second day (it can last i would guess two weeks on a good full day charge). The flashing blue light is also SO ANNOYING - especially after you realise it was not always letting yo know when there was a full charge (it stays on continually when 'charged').

When it runs out of power it happens very suddenly with no warning other than starting to slow about 30 sec before it dies entirely. Letting it charge for a couple of hours is not enough to give your teeth a good brush (I brush my teeth lying in the bath for about six mins - in addition to a quick brush after meals).

If you hold your finger on the button it slows the speed down to about 50% after ten secs then increases it again to 100% and so on. I cannot see anyone using this, and a level of charge indicator would have made more sense.

It does not as mentioned have a two minute timer (but i think the 7000 has) but switches off for a fraction of a sec three times every 30 secs.

Lastly - I have never used it to clean my tongue - and doubt many people will. The head that feels like it works best is the "dual action" double head - with the top quickly rotating then counterrotating - and the second head moving from side to side.

Being used since christmas - the second head is about to need replaced.

Another good product is the Braun "humming bird" flosser.


Thought I would add the charger has a container at the back that takes 4 heads - and it comes with a travel box which takes the brush and one head - but no space for the charger.

The double action head is shown at the right of the picture.
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