Braun CoolTec CT2cc Electric Shaver with Active Cooling Technology and Cleaning Centre RRP £229 Now £99 @ Amazon

Braun CoolTec CT2cc Electric Shaver with Active Cooling Technology and Cleaning Centre RRP £229 Now £99 @ Amazon

Found 10th Dec 2014
World’s 1st shaver with active cooling technology: Puts skin irritation on ice

Braun’s CoolTec is a revolutionary dry shaver that has the power to take the heat out of shaving and put shaving irritation on ice. With this power, on top of the stylish design and thoughtful engineering, CoolTec delivers a simply outstanding shaving performance for men with sensitive skin. The secret element in the CoolTec is Braun’s innovative Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology (TEC). Whilst most shavers allow warmth to build up in the head of the shaver, CoolTec has an innovative aluminium cooling bar integrated into its head that actively cools down the skin during shaving, minimizing shaving redness, burning and itching sensations, leaving a cool and refreshed trace behind.

Braun was the inventor of the first ever shaver cleaning centre and has over 10 years of experience in that area. Braun uses alcohol-based cleaning fluid which eliminates 99.999% of all germs and bacteria in every cleaning process. Tests have shown that using the Clean&Charge Station is 10 times more hygienic than simply rinsing the shaver under tap water. Furthermore, more than 150 consumers confirmed a noticeably closer shave and more than 110 consumers a better skin comfort after regular usage of the Clean&Charge Station*.

If you run the cleaning procedure twice a week, you will only need to replace the refill cartridge every 2 to 3 months to experience a shaver like new, every day.

*Consumer studies conducted in Germany 2009


Hoe much are the refills also I'd the fold shaver any good or would anyone say a rotary one is better ?

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Dunno fella, there's a few reviews on Amazon...

I was reading up about these a while ago...... apparently the cooling part is just an aluminium strip going across the top and the shaver head is the same you get on the lower spec 3 series, the 3 series Braun's are only from about £40. So I cant see how these are worth about £60 extra.
But I've not used one...... but I have bought loads of electric shavers (rotary and foil) that promise everything but deliver little.

Price: £114.99
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