Braun CruZer 5 Beard Clipper £17.99 @ ARGOS

Braun CruZer 5 Beard Clipper £17.99 @ ARGOS

Found 3rd Feb 2016
cons: 8 hour charge time for 40 minutes usage.
60minute quick-charge time.
pros: 2 attachments: beard trimmer comb and hair clipper comb
For wet and dry use.
Cordless use.
Rechargeable battery powered
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Nice find OP, and hot price.

Although having bought this late December in a lightning deal (very similar price) I can tell you this isn't great. Used it daily for a month and it is acceptable at best. I almost wish I didn't bother. I don't have a particularly bushy beard but this does a very mediocre job even when plugged in. My old Phlilps that's now falling to bits still does a better job. The best feature of this is that since it's Braun power lead is the same as my shaver so I don't have to take two leads when I travel. This is and the price are the only reasons I didn't send it back. Already looking for a quality replacement for every day use but that means spending money again.

Anyway, worth having in mind the not so good reviews. Check out Amazon for this as I see that Argos is all positive.
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Agree with above, don't waste your money on this
Thanks for the above tips. Anyone know of a better one for around £25?
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Thanks for the above tips. Anyone know of a better on for around £25?

Babyliss itrim Stubble about £20. Had no complaints with mine over the 2 years I've had it. Performance has dropped a bit on it lately though so I'm gona buy another itrim. If it lasts as long as the first one its well worth the money, a fraction of the cost of 2 years worth of Fusion blades!
agree, don't bother. got from tesco for 15 a few months ago. Patchy shave, you have to go over several times to get it even. Not a fan of the attached comb either. I think the best ones are the ones used in barber shops (wahl).
Hi guys, do you know any trimmers that trim really short? At the moment I have the popular Philips trimmer and and shaver but that doesn't trim short at all...
For those looking for a decent beard trimmer try this [url=Wahl 9854-802 Lithium Ion Grooming Station]here[/url]
I got it for £32 a while back and whilst the guards are a but flimsy the actual trimmer is very solid
do not buy this the grades I used on this are different to the barbers I go to also just not a goo trimmer at all youl wish you never bought this and spent bit more for better one
Yeah, I can only mirror what's already been said on this. the trimmer itself is actually quite good imo, but the guide is dreadful. Half of the teeth fell off mine within 6 months of buying, which rendered it pretty pointless. I ended up getting an Istubble+ from argos for about 35 quid and it seems like a quality product tbh.
completely useless shaver, awful
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