Braun electric toothbrush  £17.49 @ Boots

Braun electric toothbrush £17.49 @ Boots

Found 16th Dec 2017
Great electric toothbrush....£20 plus everywhere else.
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Looks great
"Great electric toothbrush...". Sorry but no, it's not. Dentists recommend the 3D ones which you can get for very little more than this one. You don't need all the pointless 'features' which push up the prices to silly levels on some models but you you do need the best cleaning. As they run out the old models (NiMh batteries) for the newer Li-ion ones you can get a model 600 or similar for £20 and I'm sure they'll fall further.
Sorry pressed - by mistake
My dentist said to make sure you get one with a pressure sensor so you don't brush too hard. Don't think this model has one
The batteries on these are useless!
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