Braun Oral B Electric Toothbrushes 1/2 price for 8000 & 8500 Tesco in store only

Braun Oral B Electric Toothbrushes 1/2 price for 8000 & 8500 Tesco in store only

Found 9th Aug 2008
First post, here we go!

Popped into Tesco, North Harbour , Portsmouth On Thursday (07/08) and saw the braun oral b 8000 & 8500 1/2 price for £24.99 & £34.99. Have one of each and they are a big improvement on the 5000 I used to have.

Not sure when the deal ends though i'm afraid.

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Where do you get cheap refills/brush tips for Braun?

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Amazon usually do them quite cheap, be careful on ebay, there are alot of fake replacement brush heads, I ended up with some fake ones which were advertised as genuine, they are usually harder and the wear indicators don't work, You get two brush heads with the deal I posted above

good tip, thanks

bought this a few days ago - excellent price and a fantastic brush
i decided not to go for the 8500, the only difference i could see was it had a sensitive feature ??
voted hot !!

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I only bought the one of both because the other half has sensitive gums, Other than that there is no difference except you get a carry case and a bigger charger with storage for spare heads with the 8500.

Have a look at Boots(not sure actual model numbers that are on offer but there are at least 6different models when we looked), they have electic toothbrushes by Oral for 12.39 (half price) - we brought the new dual model (2 heads moving in different directions) and they also have money off the brushes to fit the toothbrushes.

we brought a 4 pack of brushes for the dual head for £10.36 (£5.xx discount ) the price, whereas the 2 pack was just under £10 bargin we thought.

think this offer at boots ends at the end of the month. you also get boots advantage points, dont forget

worth looking around

they susually do some daeals at boots for brush heads i havce found

Has anyone else seen that deal at other Tesco store?In London for example.Thanks!

They had a few in the Tesco Extra in Gallions Reach, London also had the sonic complete for half price as well at £49.99 down from £99.99 picked up one of those instead.

P.S its not only instore but on the website also and the offer runs from now until 07 October 2008

What the battery life like on these? The last Braun I had was pants.

I got a 8000 today, had to go to 3 stores though to find one. 3 year warranty so battery is covered for 3 years
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