Braun series 7 799CC £149.99 from Amazon

Braun series 7 799CC £149.99 from Amazon

£149.99Amazon Deals
Found 1st Dec 2014
Seems to be the cheapest price. It showed 5 in stock as at the time of this update.
If out of stock it can be ordered and Amazon say they will deliver.


cheapest at the moment and if we had a time machine sure it was £99 last week may be worth waiting for the price to come down, but may have a long beard by then

Got one of these from Tesco two weeks ago for £111 plus it was in the double voucher offer. got it for £86 in the end.

Good razor, shaves close for an electric but does tug a bit.

Was ealier 89 £ at Tesco

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oh cr** missed the tesco deal... reckon this one is cheapest for now.

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you are right eslick. the only difference between two models seem to be that 799 is wet and dry where as 790 is dry only. I am thinking if I would pay 60£ to be able to shave in the shower

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gone up to 199.97 on amazon now.

down to £111
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