Braun Silk epil Xpressive 7781 Wet & Dry Rechargeable Body & Face Epilator £56.99 + Free Delivery @ Amazon
Braun Silk epil Xpressive 7781 Wet & Dry Rechargeable Body & Face Epilator £56.99 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

Braun Silk epil Xpressive 7781 Wet & Dry Rechargeable Body & Face Epilator £56.99 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

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Make sure youre free to have fun with the new Braun Silk-?l Xpressive Wet & Dry

Braun presents the new Braun Silk-?l Xpressive Wet & Dry Brauns first epilator which can be used in water to provide their gentlest epilation yet! The new-generation epilator gives you smooth, soft and seriously beautiful skin for up to four weeks, with no need to wait for re-growth, giving you confidence that you look and feel your best whenever, wherever you want to.

Recommended by leading beauty magazines!

Several magazines have tried and tested the Wet & Dry: a recent edition of Grazia recommended it as an instant body fix for the summer, saying: Braun Silk-?l Xpressive Wet & Dry lets you epilate in the shower which means less pain, ladies! The water helps relax your pores, making hair removal less biting (take it from us, weve tried it). The results are equal to waxing, but quicker, cheaper, and frankly more satisfying.

When 200 Company readers were given the chance to try the Braun Xpressive Wet & Dry for a month they leapt at it. And the results were amazing! 9/10 readers agreed that hairs were removed more gently in water. And 8/10 readers said they would now use an epilator rather than waxing!

And if that isnt enough, Look recommended the Xpressive Wet & Dry in a recent test against 3 other leading brands, giving it five stars and a Look recommendation - here is what they had to say: "You can take this into the shower - a first, hence the price. It gives you a smooth finish, especially when you use it under warm water...It was pain free and easy to use. Plus it reaches hairs that wax can't, so no more in-between days."

Brauns best epilator is now even better!

Following on from the success of the Braun Silk-?l Xpressive 7681, the UKs no. 1 best-selling epilator of 2008, Braun has been on a quest to find the gentlest epilation experience possible. The new Braun Silk-?l Xpressive Wet & Dry with its patented HairLift system has been especially developed for epilation in warm water and can remove up to 4 times more short hairs than wax in one stroke (hairs from 0.5 2mm).

Because epilating gets hair right at the root, the Braun Wet & Dry gives you smooth skin for up to 4 weeks, for a fraction of the cost of a salon wax! It comes with a fantastic two-year guarantee so you can keep your legs smoother for longer.

In addition to all this, the Braun Wet & Dry gives you Brauns gentlest epilation ever! Braun conducted independent research, measuring the effect of epilating in water compared to dry epilation. The research showed that the women significantly favoured wet epilation with more than half of them experiencing no pain or very little. Nearly two thirds (63%) also found wet epilation was kinder to the skin, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin or those new to epilating.

Recommended by celebrities and beauty experts!

Model and singer Jessica Taylor knows all about looking her best at a moments notice, which is why shes the number one fan of the Braun Silk-?il Xpressive Wet & Dry! Having a spontaneous attitude to life is really important to me, says the Dancing on Ice star.

For a long-lasting beauty fix which leaves her skin feeling silky-smooth, Jessica uses the new Braun Wet & Dry. Because it removes up to 4x more short hairs than wax in one stroke (hairs 0.5 2mm), it means you dont have to wait for re-growth and can get rid of those embarrassing in-between days!

Nichola Joss, celebrity beauty & skin care expert says The new Braun Silk-epil Xpressive Wet & Dry is my must have solution and what I recommend to all my celebrity clients. It is the first ever one from Braun which can also be used in water so while the warm water soothes and relaxes your skin, the hairs are removed as gently as possible

Specially designed for use in water

The unique SoftLift Tips can remove even the shortest and flattest of hairs whilst the 40 winglet tweezers remove more hair in a single stroke than any other epilator. And, reflecting the aquatic theme, the new blue switch and SmartLight lense ensures no hairs go unnoticed in the water. The Braun Silk-?l Xpressive Wet & Dry is also rechargeable and cordless with a one way charge system, to keep it completely safe in water. It stays charged for up to 40 minutes which guarantees enough time for beautiful smooth skin.

The Braun Silk-?l Xpressive Wet & Dry has been specifically designed for women to create the most gentle form of epilation ever and with 80% of women who trailed the epilator saying that they would use it again its the must have beauty item of 2009!

Especially designed for epilation in warm water to give you the gentlest epilation

Cordless and rechargeable with a one way operating system to allow wet and dry epilation
Blue comfort setting switch allows users to control the speed of the epilation to fit to their needs
Blue SmartLight lens reveals the finest hairs, ensuring no hairs go unnoticed in the water
Reaches hairs that wax cant so no more in-between days

Removes up to 4x more short* hairs in one stroke than so you dont have to wait for re-growth *hairs of 2mm
The unique SoftLift system lifts even the shortest and flattest lying hairs and removes them at the root
The winglet tweezers expertly catch hairs (no matter what direction they lie in) for maximum efficiency
40 uniquely positioned tweezers remove more hair in a single stroke than any other epilator
Gives you smoothest skin ever for up to four weeks
Our most gentle epilation ever means that you can keep your tan for longer

Because the Xpressive Wet & Dry removes only your hair and not your skin (like wax), youll keep your tan for longer
Four-way massaging rollers stimulate and relax the skin both before and after hair removal
Suitable for legs and underarms and even the most sensitive areas such as the bikini line and face
The new pivoting heads allows a closer contact with the skin to aid greater removal of the shortest hairs for maximum effectiveness
With a variance of ±15º, the pivoting heads adapt to the bodys contours
Rechargeable for ultimate flexibility

The Xpressive Wet & Dry is cordless allowing users the flexibility to epilate when and where they want and has a one way operating system to allow wet and dry epilation. Due to safety reasons, the new Xpressive cannot be used with the cord plugged in
The Xpressive Wet & Dry has the longest duration of charge lasting 40 minutes (twice as long as other rechargeable epilators) which makes sure that it wont run out before users have finished
The time taken to fully recharge the Xpressive is just one hour
The Xpressive loses very little of its charge over time, and so is ideal for taking on holiday
Fully Washable

The sealed body allows users to wash the epilator under the tap after use
Removable heads allow for ultimate hygiene
Cutting-edge Design

Feminine and ergonomic size designed to easily fit into the users grip for extra control and increased efficiency

Box Contains
1 x Braun Silk-?l Xpressive 7781 Wet & Dry epilator
1 x Shaver head and trimmer
1 x Precision cap
1 x Efficiency cap
1 x Narrow epilation cap
1 x Massage system
1 x Pack of 16 Olay wipes
1 x Pouch for easy storage


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Efficiency cap for fast epilation ensures maximum skin contact for the legs

Narrow Epilation cap provides extra gentleness for underarm and bikini

Shaver head and trimmer for bikini line

Precision cap provides utmost precision for facial hair removal

Pre-shaving wipes prepare your skin for a gentle epilation

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great deal, got one of these, Great.

Ouch........just ouch


Ouch........just ouch

the new ones are good. hurt alot less.

hmmm, work wet n cold,, ouch yes very painful

Really good deal - just bought one for myself. My mum has the dry only version of this and sings its praises. Hoping that underwater will be less painful altho probably not - yes I am a wuss!

Bought this for my girlfriend a month ago for £66 in Boots - definitely Hot price! She did some hairs on the back of my neck and i screamed like a girl.


Bought this for my girlfriend a month ago for £66 in Boots - definitely … Bought this for my girlfriend a month ago for £66 in Boots - definitely Hot price! She did some hairs on the back of my neck and i screamed like a girl.

Classic :thumbsup:
Keep trying to get my brother to try it as he always tells me I am being a baby. Haven't caught him yet!


"….. the first wet & dry hence the price…"
When it comes to hair removal gadgets for both men & women, Panasonic had wet & dry for years, including "epilators". So, why the misinformation and the extensive advertising? 'Cos it advertising… and when it comes to "epilators" and epilation, none of my girlfriends [boyfriends and notsurefriends] dared approach the forbidden zone and they say that women empower through acceptance [whist men empower through rejection - now that's a first which you'd never heard before]. A sqaw might drop hers without epidurals but the modern-day coconut-water casements are too fearful of anything that'll violate their sense and sensibilities - hence the acceptance of the expensive pricing. Remember, contact is not contact unless smoothness becomes stiction and Philips Satinellel is better by far for price and performance.

As i thought this was too good to be true, i clicked the link and its coming up at £79.99 im afraid

This one's for body only and is £53.99 from Amazon.


Can I use this on my beard?


Can I use this on my beard?

Bearded clam,yes:thumbsup:
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