Braun Tassimo Coffee, Cappuccino and Hot Drinks Machine (black or silver) - £67.49 delivered

Braun Tassimo Coffee, Cappuccino and Hot Drinks Machine (black or silver) - £67.49 delivered

Found 2nd Nov 2006
Check out this Braun Tassimo Freshly Brewed Coffee, Cappuccino and Hot Drinks Machine, available in black or silver for just £67.49 delivered from Amazon!

Description: The clever Braun Tassimo system lets you make a variety of hot drinks, including cappuccino, tea and hot chocolate. By reading the barcode on the T-discs it gets the brewing time and temperature just right. At the touch of a button your drink is ready in about 30 seconds, and it's brewed exactly to your requirements, whether you want a strong pick-me-up or a weaker blend for evening time
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* Prepare a range of freshly brewed hot drinks at the touch of a button
* Works exclusively with Tassimo T-DISC beverage pods just choose, insert, press & enjoy!
* Each cup is freshly brewed in 30-60 seconds to give you perfect taste & aroma every time
* Quick, easy and convenient to use
* Prepare your next drink right away
* Large 1 litre water tank avoids constant refilling
* Dishwasher safe parts (except water container)
* Manual adjustment for strength of drink plus variable cup size
* Unique bar code system lets Tassimo know exactly how to brew each drink
* Cleaning system included
* Available T-DISCS include Kenco cappuccino, espresso, cafe crema, classic blend and classic blend decaffinated; Twinnings tea and Suchard hot chocolate

This is also available for the same price in Black!


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but everything u brew in this thing tastes like its a crappicino (sic)
I would recommend the Tassimo. Bought one a few weeks ago - very popular with everyone in our house.
This is now [COLOR=#990000]73.99 [/COLOR][COLOR=black]from amazon[/COLOR]
I liked the product so much i brought 2

One for me and one for the mother in law................great bit of kit and the drinks dont all taste like each same :-D

( Great with Vodka )
Out of interest, why do people buy these machines when they tie you in wih their pods, or whatever they call the things that you put in the machine. I guess the reason must be convenience, but if it was me I would go for those ROMBOUTS things you poor boiling water though. But for me any of these types of products aint a patch on freshly ground coffee - and then you can choose differet brands of ground coffee, or of course grind your own . . .
how mcuh do these pods cost?
I've had a Tassimo for over a year and love it. The pods are about £3.99 a pack (often have 3 for £10 offers) so are quite expensive to use if you drink lots of coffee a day. i use mine when I have friends over and they can have whatever type of coffee (or hot chocolate) they like.
loveabargain: Tesco currentlys seem to have 4 for £10 offer on for them, you might want to stock up

As for why people use them? Personally I only tend to make a cup of coffee at a time, or if we've friends over, one often wants cappuchino (they get a pre-made instant packet), and another plain coffee, these things make it pretty easy to do that. Also take up a lot less space on the kitchen surfaces

Just hope that they keep doing the pods for ever more.. To my mind, the Tassimo looks to be the best (just ordering one from John Lewis, including their voucher and postage and quidco, it's only working out around £65.50 or so). I just hope it wins the "pod wars"
How many pods in a pack (if I can mix my collective nouns in such a way)?
I thought it was 4 for £10 but when I typed it it sounded too good an offer so I thought I must have got it wrong! There are 16 pods in a pack but because the cappuccino uses 2 pods per drink you only get 8 out of a pack.
Thanks for all the comments and feedback on this and thanks for the info on the coffepods offer loveabargain!
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