Braun Tassimo coffee maker half-price  £39.99 in store at Tescos

Braun Tassimo coffee maker half-price £39.99 in store at Tescos

Found 6th Dec 2007
I'm not sure if this is definitely the case, but my son reports that Tescos in Gloucester have the black & silver version of this in store for £39.99 or £39.97 until December which would be an excellent price against the usual £59.99 or £79.99. It's still £59.99 online.

My local Tescos isn't big enough to have kitchen stuff, but if anyone fancies a trip to Tescos to confirm this (or not) it might be worth it.
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are u sure its tassimo as i have seen others reduced in my local but not the super hot if it is.
sure it was in my local, not so big tesco also!
My son says it was, but he is a typical teenager - lose his head if it wasn't stuck on....that's why I posted it with a question mark. It would be an excellent deal if it is, that's why I thought someone might be able to check.
I had a look in my local tesco today and the tassimo had £40 off and was £59.99 but the Philips senso was £39.99 if I remember correctly, maybe thats where the idea came from.
Do you need to use pods with these or could i just use granules from a jar?
Pods, and there expensive
any deals on pods?
its actually £59.99 in my local store - just checked today!
Saw these today at £53 at currys

Pods, and there expensive

Its all relative really. I mean you can have 32 cups of cappucino from this machine for the price of 3 starbucks. Cuse the packs are 4 for £10 in tesco ATM:thumbsup:
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