Braun Thermoscan 5 - £19.58 (Prime) £24.33 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Braun Thermoscan 5 - £19.58 (Prime) £24.33 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Found 2nd Jan
Not the cheapest it has ever been but cheap none the less. Need to put an add on if not on prime.
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None available at that price. Please expire.
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Ok, I have expired it. But the deal was real, however briefly.32970910-bR4am.jpg
It works.i just bought one
Thanks OP, ordered one.
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Back up and running. Strange it changed so fast and back again.
It’s a good thermometer but outrageously expensive thanks to Braun wise marketing ability. The Thermoscan refers to a range of thermometers which according to a survey in 2012 was allegedly the most used and recommended by professionals. It’s now 2018 and people would still spend full price for this thing. Hot from me for the price
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