Braveheart on DVD only £3.92 delivered at

Braveheart on DVD only £3.92 delivered at

Banned 7
Found 31st May 2010
A great film that is endlessly rewatchable, especially over summer when there's nothing else you want to watch.

Mel Gibson's birth-of-a-nation epic Braveheart does for England what Spartacus did for Rome: every Englishman in this film is weak or nasty or a fool, or all three. Gibson plays William Wallace, the highland warrior whose fierce fighting spirit prompted Robert the Bruce's memorable victory over the English at Bannockburn. The film opens with boy Wallace losing his father and brother to the murdering English. Gibson's over-age Wallace then indulges in an unintentionally risible spot of teenage romance with the chaste Murron (Catherine McCormack), who is promptly despatched by yet another wicked Englishman. Gibson swings into action in some truly impressive (and horribly gory) fight scenes, culminating in the battles of Stirling and Falkirk.


love this film

awful film

Smokin' deal! :lol:

Ridiculous romantic Rubbish!

Hollywoods rose tinted spectacles again..:roll:

Load of pish, mels scottish accent is awful.

The film that remind us that England's history with Hitler was only a skirmish. Although I don't remember the affair with the English Queen in my history lessons, maybe this is because I was lucky enough to be educated in Scotland, so I can recognise fact from fiction. I look forward to Braveheart 2, where I hear Mel will play a reconstructed second generation Scot brought up and educated in England as a racist, anti-Semitic drunk with no respect for Law or Order. Failing that, I'll follow England to World Cup 2010.
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