Braveheart - Single Disc Edition - £2.99 Delivered
Braveheart   - Single Disc Edition  -  £2.99  Delivered

Braveheart - Single Disc Edition - £2.99 Delivered

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Good price for this movie.

Note that this is the single disc edition with just the film and no extras.

Mel Gibson loves re-writing history in his movies and there was never a better example of this than Braveheart. Any attempt to explore the truth behind the myths of legendary Scottish hero William Wallace and his rebellion against the evil English king is reduced to Hollywood platitudes. This may be a big fat all-action studio movie that plays lip service to Scotland but as a piece of sheer entertainment it's great. Tracing Wallace from his early years, in which he sees kith and kin slain by outside forces who seek to steal the peoples land, to his brutal public death at the hands of English torturers, Braveheart is a brilliantly conceived, with spectacular battle sequences and all the blood and dismemberment you could ever hope from a medieval battle scene. Yes, this movie is silly, way over the top and poor Mel Gibson can't do romantic scenes to save his life (check out the way he says "I love you...always have" as if he just put his hand in something nasty), but for a modern day dose of big epic film making, this is a hard act to follow despite the odd lapse in historical truth.

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