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Breakdown Warning Triangle - e approved £2.95 (free collection) @ Euro Car Parts

£2.95£4.1028% off
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Reduced from £5.89 to £2.95 for this breakdown warning triangle. E approved for UK and European travel (legal requirement for driving in mainland Europe) . Free collection to store. Stock availability at time of posting. Next best price based on sister site carparts4less.


An absolute safety essential for roadside emergencies and breakdowns to ensure you’re seen – this E approved warning triangle is easy and quick to assemble when you need it most.

A legal requirement when driving in much of mainland Europe, it folds away into a compact case for effortless storage, so you have one less thing to worry about on your road trips away.

Using a breakdown warning triangle:

A warning triangle is a safety essential used to warn other drivers. Place it at least 45 metres (147ft) away from your broken-down vehicle and on the same side of the road. Always be careful when placing and retrieving and do not use it on motorways.

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  1. deddog's avatar
    I had two in my car when the clutch went on a dual carriageway in Nottinghamshire, placed one at 50 meters away at he edge of the road to the left of the solid white line and the other around 25meters away about a quarter of the way into lane one. I also had my hazard lights on and a hi viz vest on myself, the road way straight and dry with good visibility.
    In under ten minutes both triangles were wiped out. When the breakdown truck arrived he rang me from a layby up the road and told me that he had rang for police assistance as "People take little notice of amber warning lights but they usually notice the police car parked across the inside lane."
    Great price though.
    finknottle's avatar
    And these are the people the government expects to notice a red ‘X’ above a lane on a so-called ‘smart’ motorway when there’s a broken down vehicle, and diligently move over or stop in time to avoid ramming into it at 70 (as they’ll probably have ignored the previous ‘obstruction’, ‘broken down vehicle’, 50, 40, 30, etc. signs since half the time they’re activated they’re crying wolf on an empty road in the middle of the night, effectively training drivers to ignore them.)
  2. Alex909's avatar
    Always good to have them in the car. I carry two warning triangles. Used them only once, but they were very handy in that situation. Also, I have these in my car, in case of breaking down in the dark. Got them for 2 pounds each ages ago, now just replace batteries once a year.
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    I've got just the one of those lights, not had to use yet.
    What would you do with 5?
  3. Thumbnail's avatar
    Ok for normal roads never use them on Motorways or major a road
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    What does this mean?
  4. hotmik's avatar
    Can't see the point of triangles
    snoopy18's avatar
    It’s at the top in this case
  5. donny's avatar
    in the EU everyone puts these out when they break down. In the UK I have never seen anyone bother. Voted hot on price alone
    Derek55's avatar
    Put anything out around here and it will soon disappear. 🔺
  6. mb1's avatar
    Perfect timing for an upcoming trip. Spain requires two of them. Thank you.
  7. Dr_OmniSpank's avatar
    E approved? Where's my wallet...
  8. Muyhee's avatar
    I just picked this up. Looks good but feels very cheap and a part broke off when i assembled it &i was barely out of the store. I just laughed and kept going. No point taking it back. I got what i paid for and just need to be careful putting it together if ever i need it
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