Breaker Lager 4 x 500ml cans £3.29 @ B + M Bargains

Breaker Lager 4 x 500ml cans £3.29 @ B + M Bargains

Found 5th Aug 2014
Found in Llansamlett Swansea but I have also seen in others so very probably nationwide.
Forget your new posh beers like Peroni at well over £3 a litre.
Buy some good Old Skool lager at a bargain £1.65 a litre.... Enjoy!




Any Skol?

Or Colt 45?

Looks like Hofmeister. Will give it a try. My current lager faves are Duvel and Beersel (Both belgian).

i like this stuff, cheapest I've seen it is £3.99 for 4

4.8% hot

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The only Skol is the crap 2.8% or whatever it is now lol.... Sadly no Colt 45 does anyone know where I can get some?.....

yes just go back to the mid to late 70s

or buy the real 8% colt 45 from usa stores online

You can buy Skol from Morrisons I believe.Used to love this stuff and Colt 45 but then they started to brew them under licence in UK and never tasted the same

Takes me back to when I was 15 it was horrible then I'm sure it can only be worse now!

This post has just reminded me.Went to an away game @ Swansea last year.There is a pub on same site as ground.I would say at least 50 % of Swansea fans arrived at with 4 packs bought from supermarket (Asda/Morrison's) can't recall which and stood outside and drank.All the away fans were buying their drinks inside pub.Is this a Swansea/Welsh thing ? Never seen it so blatantly before.

they new things about the pub you didn't

Breaker lager...takes me back to a local nightclub that used to sell this 25 years ago lol


Wow breaker and colt45, takes me back years - happy days

does anywhere in Scotland sell it
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